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The phonathon is an Annual Fund initiative in support of the Students First campaign. The focus of the campaign is student scholarships. Our callers are current Carson-Newman students who spend six months of the year calling on alumni and friends for support. The callers understand the importance of giving back and appreciate the gifts that have allowed them to have the C-N experience. To learn more about the callers, please read on.














A Religion and Psychology double major, Adria Bare is a Sophomore from Niota, Tennessee. Her favorite class so far has been Childhood and Adolescent Psychology with Dr. Hacker. One activity she enjoys is the annual corn maze intramural with her roommate because it was the first thing they did together. To study she goes to the second floor of Swann, and she loves to go to the prayer garden on campus. Outside of class Adria likes to cross-stitch and hang out with her friends. Adria originally only applied to UTC, but her mom actually put her application in to Carson-Newman. Because of the abundance of scholarship money she received, she was able to attend C-N.













From Richmond, Virginia, Sarah Brawley is a Senior majoring in Nutrition with a minor in Business Administration. She came to Carson-Newman because of how she fell in love, not only with the campus, but also the people. Sarah’s favorite class has been Advanced Nutrition with Dr. Brantly. She participates in RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), was an orientation leader, and she loves to cook and hang out with friends when she is not in class or at her house studying. Her favorite place on campus is the MSAC because there is always someone there and a variety of things to do.













Senior Jenny Bridges is an Elementary and Middle School Education major from Trion, Georgia. Jenny’s favorite class has been Literary Development with Dr. Hawkins. One of her most enjoyable experiences on campus is Coffee House, sponsored by Global Outreach. Off campus she works at the BOOST tutoring program. One of the main reasons why Jenny decided to attend Carson-Newman was the friendliness of the students and faculty. A class that surprised her was Early Civilizations with Dr. Baumgardner because she was astounded by how much knowledge she gained from it. Jenny’s favorite place to study is at Cherokee Dam, and on campus she greatly appreciates the spring time pink blossomed trees  in front of Maples Library.
  Kayla Crocker is a Freshman who is majoring in Biology and minoring in Pre-Occupational Therapy. She is from Sevierville and she came to Carson-Newman because of the Science program and the cadaver lab. her favorite class has been Biology because she loved her professor. Kayla's favorite spot on campus is anywhere near Henderson because it is pretty and relaxing. She loves to study between the Ted Russell Hall buildings.  Her favorite thing to do on campus is to get coffee at Maples. She also loves to go to the Newport movie theater off campus. Her favorite campus activity is just to walk around because she finds it relaxing and a time to reflect. She chose to call in the phonathon because she likes to talk to the alumni and hear about their experiences. She also attends here on a scholarship and she feels as if she is giving back.












Moriah Elliott is a Senior Education major from Maryville, Tennessee. The reason she came to Carson-Newman was because her mother and grandparents are Alumni and she feels it is a family tradition. Moriah's favorite class has been Diversity with Mrs. Demoiny because of how interesting and appealing it was to her. Her favorite campus activity has to be mud ball and intramurals. When she is off campus, she actually loves to sleep and watch movies all day.




Sadie Kasior is a freshman from Sweetwater, Tennessee majoring in Social Entrepreneurship with a minor in Business Admininstration. Her favorite class has been New Testament with Dr. Hartsock because he really gets you to look at it from a different perspective. Sadie's favorite place to study include Burnett basement and Maples Cafe. Off campus, she loves to go to the dam and lounge in a hammock. Sadie enjoys working in the phonathon because without scholarships she would not be able to attend Carson-Newman and it is a way that she can insure other students will benefit.

From Maynardville, TN Katie King is a Freshman majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Criminal Justice. She came to Carson-Newman because she had a chemistry teacher who came here and she loved it and told her all about it here. Katie's favorite class has been Chemistry because she loves seeing the “how” and “why” of everyday things. A surprising  class  was Psychology because the professor was very excited  about the subject. Her favorite spot on campus is beside the “campus gates” because there is a beautiful tree that turns a perfect gold in the fall. She loves to study in her own room because she is surrounded by all her things and she can more easily control her environment. Off campus she loves to hang out with her friends which usually entails a road trip to whatever catches their eyes. Katie's favorite campus activity is band where she plays the alto saxophone and gets to hang out with her “family.” She chose phonathon because she loves meeting new people and she gets to spend time connecting with alumni.


Rachel McCausland, from Maryville, TN, is a Freshman majoring in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Communications. She came to Carson-Newman because the professors seemed passionate about what they were teaching. Her favorite class has been Graphic Design because she loves the hands-on experience of creating designs, and it gives her a chance to look at what she will be doing in the future. Her favorite spot on campus is Warren Art Building, however she loves to study in the Burnett Basement. She also loves to have movie nights with her friends and enjoys attending CN soccer games. In regard to her work with the phonathon, she feels that it is important for students to pay it forward and create opportunities for others to experience Carson-Newman.













All the way from Kansas City, Missouri, Senior Kenna McKully came to Carson-Newman because of the great scholarships and the overall connection she had with the faculty during her visit. She is a Consumer Services major with a double minor in Business Administration and Photography. One of her favorite things to do outside of class is basically anything outdoors, but specifically backpacking/hiking. Her favorite class so far has been Clothing Construction with Mrs. Goldrick. A few of Kenna's most enjoyable activities include quiet time studying on Swann porch and at Maples Cafe, and playing “Capture the Flag” on Henderson lawn.


Brittany Patton is a Freshman majoring in Human Services. She is from Lynchburg, TN. Her favorite class has been Family Violence because she learned so much and it was an amazing experience. This class surprised her because she thought it would be terrible to learn about child maltreatment, but it gave her the tools to help people. Her favorite place on campus is Henderson Lawn but she loves to study in the Burnett Lobby. Brittany came to Carson-Newman because it is a beautiful campus filled with wonderful people and you will make lifetime friends and the faculty genuinely wants you to succeed. Her favorite thing to do on campus is lie in the hammocks on a warm day but off campus she loves to go to Sonic with her friends. She loves phonathon because she knows that she is truly helping to give back to the school she loves.











Kayla Payne is a freshman from Maryville, Tennessee, pursuing a degree for Cross-Cultural Sociology, minoring in Missions and Human Services. Her favorite class so far has been Intro to Human Services with Dr. Ramsey because she found all of the topics very interesting. Her iYADA Bible study has become one of her most enjoyable activities because it makes her feel rejuvenated for the week. The reason she came to Carson-Newman was because God had actually shut all other doors, and throughout the time of her being here so far, He has shown her why she is here. She couldn't see herself anywhere else. Her favorite thing to do off campus is singing in her Wednesday night youth group. The second floor of the library is Kayla's most preferred place to study, while Henderson Hall is the place she enjoys the most on campus.














Senior Taylor Satterfield is from Maryville, Tennessee with a major in Math. Her favorite class has been English 301 with Dr. Underwood because she had a great way of making it interesting. Her favorite campus activity is participating with the Callies. Taylor chose Carson-Newman because she wanted a small school that was relatively close to her hometown. Outside of school Taylor loves shopping and hanging out with her friends. Due to both meeting her fiancé and getting proposed to on Henderson Hill, it is her most treasured spot on campus.


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