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Academic Affairs

Carson-Newman University integrates academic excellence and Christian faith in relevant and unique ways for all its students, who come from diverse backgrounds. Drawing on its more than 160-year history, our faculty and staff continue a commitment to holistic education, asking our students to reach their full potential of their bodies, souls and minds to be their best for the world.

For years, Carson-Newman has enjoyed outstanding institutional rankings in teaching and in service to name a few. We invite you to browse “Carson-Newman By The Numbers” on and be inspired by what others continue to say about us. Enjoy our “Newsroom” web pages and the stories of this place that we’re telling on many print and video platforms. Then explore our majors and programs of study. See how we’re preparing men and women for the world!

You will find that our faculty extends the educational experience beyond the classroom. They invite experts from international organizations like World Vision to speak, create online experiences that transport students around the globe, and they also literally teach students from locations such as the Great Smoky Mountains, Ireland, South Africa and Korea. These online and study abroad experiences last a lifetime.

Students who attend Carson-Newman are not just choosing a place to further their education. They are choosing a place to further their whole selves, to embark on having, as Christ promised, life to the full.

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