Program Overview

Sociology broadens your understanding of community and the interconnectedness of people and systems in society. At Carson-Newman, through a comprehensive study of changes and problems across history and in contemporary culture, you’ll discover a new perspective on our social world. With in-depth exploration of race, religion, crime, the family, social class and culture in modern societies, you will be equipped to discern issues and opportunities in today’s society and to shape tomorrow’s social structures. 

As thinkers and problem-solvers, graduates trained in sociology are uniquely prepared to contribute to societal progress through a wide range of vocations. A complement to other majors such as journalism, history or religion, sociology furthers awareness of how relationships and social concerns affect modern culture. An emphasis in cross-cultural sociology will broaden your understanding of diverse cultural and national backgrounds.  

Emphasis Areas

Human Services

  • Studying sociology has shaped the way I view community, cultures and contexts.
    Jenny Ott / RUF International
Sociology Careers

• Church or nonprofit ministry
• Criminal justice
• Police work
• Journalism
• Government
• Ministries in foreign countries
• Urban ministries
• International student ministry
• Immigrant or refugee ministry
• Foreign diplomacy
• International business
• International community development

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