Student Stories

Meet some of our students!

Xiomara Mejia – El Salvador
Enrolling in the ELI program at Carson- Newman College has changed my life for the better. Before ELI I could not interact well in this society. Now, I have the courage and knowledge to be myself in a new environment.

Piao MingJun – China
I am very happy to be part of the ELI family. The teachers are so nice, and the students are very friendly. No matter how poor my English is, they help me to improve it. I think others can make a good step here just like me.

Yun Yohan – South Korea
The ELI is a good place to study English because it is calm and peaceful. ELI teachers have good English skills, and they give us opportunities to meet many Americans and to improve our English skills. Also, activities for international students are fun!

Saori Oka – Japan
There is a lot of time to learn English and people whom you can talk with in English in the ELI. It’s a nice place to make a start on what you really want to do! 

Claudia Vallejos-Valdivia – Peru
The ELI is not only a place to learn English. It is also a place composed of caring teachers who can help you with the transition to American culture.