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Counseling Services Pandemic Update: If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or grieving the loss of your spring semester with your classmates, we want you to know it's okay and we're here for you! To schedule a phone appointment, call (865) 471-3350 or email us at For additional support regarding the pandemic, click here.

Counseling Service's mission is to support all Carson-Newman students in defining and reaching their full God-given potential academically, emotionally, socially, and/or spiritually. We offer all C-N students free and confidential counseling, crisis intervention, events, presentations, and connecting students to resources on/off-campus. 

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To talk to, get information from or schedule an appointment or program please call 865-471-3350, email, or come by the Kathleen Manley Building (aka Wellness Center).

 You can also contact the counselors directly:

If you or someone else are experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency call 911 or go to the local Emergency Room. In the event that you need immediate assistance, please contact the 24/7 Department of Public Safety number (865) 548-9067; the backup cell phone number is (865) 389-9380. The closest Emergency Room to campus is Tennova's Jefferson Memorial Hospital located at 110 Hospital Drive in Jefferson City, TN 37760. The hospital phone number is 865-471-2500.


  • What is counseling?

    Counseling is a confidential process that enables a person to grow in a way that s/he chooses. A counselor can be an additional resource, someone to just listen and provide extra support for you. Counseling Services will connect with, care for, and comfort students to enhance their success and well-being.

  • Who can attend? What are the costs? Where is it located?

    Counseling is for currently enrolled students and is free. Counseling Services is located in the Kathleen Manley Building (aka Wellness Center).

  • How long will counseling take? When does it “end”?

    The length of each session and number of sessions varies with each student: based on goals wants and needs. Generally, participation is voluntary and the student may stop counseling whenever he/she is ready.

  • What should I expect when I go to Counseling Services?

    At your first contact with Counseling Services you will be asked to fill out a student information form and then schedule an appointment for an intake. When you arrive for your intake you can sit in any lobby area: front lobby where students seeing the nurse typically sit or Counseling Services lobby located by using the side door. Your counselor will greet you shortly and ask you to come to their office. The intake will include a description of program services, a discussion of the presenting issue(s), and a brief personal history of the student. After the intake you can expect to continue to meet with a counselor. The length of each session and number of sessions varies with each student and is based on their goals, wants, and needs.

  • What happens during the counseling session?

    During the initial session, the counselor and student work towards identifying and establishing goals to the issues that are affecting the student. The following talk sessions allow for the student to process what s/he is experiencing, monitor his/her progress, and receive extra support.

  • Will counseling work for me?

    There are many factors involved in what makes counseling successful. Some factors are: student readiness and the right “fit” between client and counselor. No counselor can guarantee that counseling is going to be successful for anyone. However, it can be helpful to talk with a counselor about issues that are of concern to you and work on ways that will help you to feel better.

  • What issues do students and counselor work on?

    The main focus will be working towards the students personal goals. Issues commonly seen in counseling are (but not limited to): stress, family problems, depression, anxiety, relationships, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual assault, grief/loss, self-esteem, academic difficulties and suicidal ideation.

  • What about privacy?

    Counseling sessions are confidential. Information about students is not released without the written permission of the student, including whether or not the student even walked into the office. Because of legal and ethical constraints, however, Counseling Services may release information without student approval if a life-threatening emergency exists, cases involving child/elder/persons with disability abuse or neglect, by subpoena or order of a judge, or as otherwise required by law.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    To schedule an appointment a student can do any of the following: call 865-471-3350, email the counselors or come by Counseling Services located in the Kathleen Manley Building next to Burnett residence hall. In the event one might suspect a potential life-threatening emergency students should call 911 and then 24/7 Department of public safety cell phone 865-548-9067. Hours of available appointments are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., with flexibility except during designated school holidays and/or school closings due to weather.