Social Media Guidelines


Social media provide an excellent opportunity for quick communication with the C-N community and potential constituents. As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion users across all social media platforms. It is a central fixture in the lives of our audience, which offers unique challenges, but also excellent opportunities for communication.

Social Media Policy

The Carson-Newman University social media policy provides guidance, best practices, and approved standards for those representing C-N who communicate via digital platforms to our audience.

Registering Accounts

Due to changes in leadership, faculty and staff turnover, platform policies of use, and the number of C-N affiliated accounts currently utilized across the institution, each department, division, club, office, or team must seek updated written permission from appropriate leadership, advisor or club sponsor, as well as the Office of Marketing & Communications for the operation of each account by September 1st, 2022. As the area charged with compliance and oversight, The Office of Marketing & Communications requires full administrative access to each account.

Accounts registration will need to be renewed each semester.

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creating a new account

A social media plan is strongly encouraged before creating accounts. Groups and organizations interested in creating a social media account should be able to answer the following questions.

  • Will the channel support the mission, vision, and identity of Carson-Newman?
  • Will the channel support the mission and goals of your group?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Is the proposed account the best way to reach that audience?
  • Do you have enough engaging content designed to reach the target audience on the proposed platform? Each platform is different and posting the same content to multiple channels is not considered a best practice.
  • Have you reviewed your plan with The Office of Marketing and Communications?
  • Do you understand C-N’s established best practices for social media?
  • Have you reviewed C-N’s brand guidelines?
  • Does your group have enough time and resources to maintain and manage the platforms? Frequent posting and engagement is key to a successful social presence.
  • What are other peer groups doing on social media, and how will your channel stand out with excellence?

Once you’ve answered these questions, submit your account for approval to the Office of Marketing and Communications using the form below.

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Branding and Style Requirements


Official Carson-Newman accounts should include “C-N” in the username or @handle. Please mention our full name “Carson-Newman University” or “Carson-Newman: A Christian University” in the account bio. It’s best to maintain consistency across platforms with naming conventions when possible.





Official Carson-Newman-affiliated social media accounts must follow C-N social media guidelines to ensure consistency across platforms. Social media logos or profile photos are available to all academic, athletic, or administrative units who operate a social account. Please contact Marketing and Communications for the file.

The official Carson-Newman logo is available to download and has been adjusted to fit the various profile image displays. If you opt to use your department lock-up or another unique brand identifier as a profile image, please review the logo usage guidelines. Official logos may not be altered in any way when creating a profile image.