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  • Brian Austin

    Position: Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3273

    Campus Box: 71976

    Dr. Brian Austin, Associate Professor and Director of the Philosophy program earned his B.A. in Philosophy, Spanish, and Religion from Samford University (1982), his Master of Divinity (1985) and Ph. D. (1989) degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has published articles and books in the philosophy of religion, specializing in the intersections of science and religion. He teaches courses in critical thinking, logic, history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, Christian ethics, and non-Western religious thought. Dr. Austin is also the director of the Carson-Newman College Honors Program, for which he teaches the course “Humanity and the Cosmos.” He has just completed a paper responding to the “new atheism” in which he argues that the natural sciences are unable to provide a grounding for human values.

  • John McClellan

    Position: Assistant Professor of Philosophy

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3579

    Email: jmcclellan@cn.edu

    Professor John McClellan is Assistant Professor of Philosophy. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from UNC-Greensboro in 2004 and is close to finishing his Ph.D. in philosophy from UT-Knoxville where he began his graduate studies in 2005. His research interests include the philosophy of religion, ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind. His dissertation-in-progress entitled “Theistic Skepticism and the Ethics and Epistemology of Trust” critically examines the view that Christian belief is rational even without an adequate account of God’s reasons for allowing suffering on the basis that we cannot expect to recognize and understand the reasons of an omnipotent mind. Professor McClellan lives in an on-campus apartment in Heritage Hall with his wife Laura and dog Hank, and so, is especially available for conversations with students.

  • Andrea Menz

    Position: Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3291

    Campus Box: 71964

    Personal Website: http://web.cn.edu/amenz/

    Dr. Andrea L. Menz is Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics and Director of the Interdisciplinary Linguistics Program. She received her B.A. in German and Linguistics from the University of Washington in Seattle in 2001 and her M.A. and Ph.D. in German (Germanic Linguistics) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (in 2004 and 2010, respectively). Her research interests include historical and synchronic theoretical and experimental phonetics, phonology and morphology; sociolinguistics; language variation and change; psycholinguistics; second language acquisition; Germanic and Finno-Ugric languages, and Appalachian dialects of English. She lives with her husband, Helmar, and their two cats in Jefferson County.