Family and Consumer Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Carson-Newman. We are proud of the reputation this program has achieved over the last century.

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is housed in Blye-Poteat Hall and the adjacent Child Development Laboratory, both opening in 2007, feature state-of-the-art technology allowing our graduates to compete for the best jobs in the careers of their choice. Please follow the links to the left for more information on Family and Consumer Sciences majors.

Mission of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences: to prepare professionals as servant leaders with abilities to empower individuals, strengthen families, and enable communities in a changing and diverse global environment. The unit provides an integrative, holistic, rigorous undergraduate education in a caring and nurturing Christian liberal arts setting through one of four areas of specialization: child and family studies; consumer services; family and consumer sciences education; and foods, nutrition, and dietetics.

Faith and Learning Questions

Do Christians have a unique and greater responsibility to be good stewards of the gifts our Creator has bestowed upon us:

  1. our relationships - both families and those within our communities in which we live and serve?
  2. our bodies?
  3. our financial resources?
  4. our environmental resources?

Retention Rates

While our overall C-N University retention rate has increased to 69% for the Fall 2013 semester, our FCS Department retention rate is at 77%. Specifically, the retention rate for the Fall to Spring 2012-2013 AY was 93% and the Spring to Fall 2013 retention rate was 79%.

Graduation Rates

4 year graduation rate

Of the 18 freshman entering FCS the graduation rate was 56%(10) with 35%(6) graduating in a FCS major.

5 year graduation rate

Of the 13 freshman entering FCS the graduation rate was 85%(11) graduating in a FCS major.

6 year graduation rate

Of the 21 freshman entering FCS the graduation rate was 76%(16) graduating in a FCS major.

Students Passing Licensure and Registration Examinations

Praxis II Examination (

26 graduates (100%) sitting for the examination passed for AY 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014.

Registered Dietitian (RD) Examination (

Five year pass rate on first attempt for 9 DPD graduates
sitting for the RD examination (2009-2013) is 63%; for testers within one year of the first attempt the pass rate is 88%.

Note: Data for 6 of 9 AY 2011-2012 and AY 2012-2013 DPD
graduates are incomplete at this time as some are in the second year of
combined Internship/graduate programs while others are studying for the
examination having recently completed internships/graduate programs.

Students Participating in C-N University Research, Creativity and Performance Day (RCPD)

Over the past 4 years an average of 12% of the participants in RCP Day have been from majors in FCS representing approximately 16% of the Departmental enrollment.

FCS Majors Involvement in Honoraries

Majors in the FCS Department constitute the following members (percentage) in C-N honoraries:

  1. Alpha Chi 5 of 90 members (5.5%)
  2. Alpha Lambda Delta 2 of 31 members (6.4%)
  3. Mortar Board 1 of 21 members (4.8%)


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