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Exercise Science

 Overview of the HPSS department

The Health, Physical Education, and Sport Science Department (HPSS) develops professionals in the areas of Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Education Teacher Licensure. Pursuant to this end, every effort is made to offer students quality instruction, caring and nurturing advisement, effective leadership opportunities, meaningful college and community service, and other professional development opportunities.

The field of Exercise Science

Exercise science is the study of physiological and functional adaptations to regular physical activity. The Carson Newman exercise science program has two undergraduate curriculums: a professional and wellness/fitness track. Both programs have a broad scientific basis and include the following courses: biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, physics, kinesiology and exercise physiology. A degree plan is available which details the core course offerings for both majors.


The mission of the exercise science program is to prepare competent exercise science students who are dedicated to lifelong commitments to leadership, learning, and service as allied health professionals.

These professions are central to encouraging appropriate physical activity levels in society and our goal is to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and the practical interpersonal skills that will allow you to take a leading role in this essential societal need of physical activity to attain optimal physiological, emotional and spiritual health.


The faculty in the exercise science department provides an array of practical experience and professional interests at Carson-Newman. Our instructor is an established academia who possess the latest theoretical knowledge in the field of exercise science and has honed his skills in private and commercial settings.

Faculty members in the HPSS department realize that it takes personalized, one-on-one instruction to train an outstanding instructor or allied health professional and they are committed to individual attention. Our professors are recognized within the Carson-Newman community as enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and accessible to their students, for whom they serve as strong role models in their respective professions.

The sense of family, camaraderie, and shared purpose among students and faculty members in the department is exceptional. In addition to regular meetings, students are strongly encouraged to visit their professor and advisor at any time to address relevant questions and challenges they are experiencing. Other support services include advising and counseling, as well as direct and intensive supervision of practicum and laboratory experiences.


The exercise science program includes two practical course offerings. One is a practicum in which students conduct a fitness assessment, write exercise prescriptions and provide exercise supervision for a special population (i.e., an individual with a diagnosed chronic disease) throughout the semester. The second is an internship which requires the completion of 240 hours in a work setting commensurate with the student's professional aspirations. Combined, these courses provide the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings and in a professional manner. Furthermore, these courses help each student clarify and solidify the allied health professional career they hope to pursue.  

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