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The "General" Biology Major

For a general major in Biology, a student must complete at least 34 hours in Biology including BIOL105, BIOL106, BIOL410, BIOL411 and one course from each of the following 3 categories (3 courses total):

  • Molecular/Cell Biology (BIOL314, BIOL320, or BIOL408)
  • Organismal Biology (BIOL301, BIOL302, or BIOL404)
  • Population Biology (BIOL315, BIOL317, or BIOL319)

Students must also complete at least one of the following: BIOL313, BIOL317, BIOL319, BIOL320, BIOL402, BIOL404, BIOL405, or BIOL408. (The course completed does count towards the 34 hours required for the major. However, if you take BIOL317, BIOL319, BIOL320, BIOL404, or BIOL408, you may count one of these for both requirements and substitute another elective to reach the total of 34 hours.)

CHEM103 and CHEM104 are also required, with CHEM301 and CHEM302 strongly recommended.

NOTE: A maximum of 6 hours total correspondence, independent study credit, teaching assistantships, and/or BIOL470-479 can be applied toward the major.

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