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  1. AJ Hedges

    Academic Advisor, Sophomore Sucess Coordinator, and Associate Degree Liaison
    P: 865-471-3483
    E: ahedges@cn.edu
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  2. Amy Humphrey

    Coordinator of First Generation Students & Advising Counselor; Co-Director of Student Success
    P: (865) 471-3227
    E: ahumphrey@cn.edu
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  3. Dave McNeely

    Student Success Counselor; Coordinator, Faith & Justice Scholars Program, Adjunct Professor (Religion)
    P: 865.471.4460
    E: dmcneely@cn.edu
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  4. Fran Norris

    Administrative Assistant - Student Success
    P: 865-471-3567
    E: fnorris@cn.edu
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  5. Tom R. Tabor

    Senior Academic Advisor
    P: 865-471-3430
    E: ttabor@cn.edu
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  6. Gloria Walker '16

    Academic Success Coach & Athletic Liaison; Co-Director of Student Success
    P: 865-471-2078 and 2072
    E: gwalker@cn.edu
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  7. Mark L. Workman

    Career Services Coordinator
    P: 865-471-4483
    E: mworkman@cn.edu
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