Resident Childcare Worker

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Advent Group Ministries is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian agency which provides social service programs for disadvantaged children and families.


Bachelor degree in a social science field preferred.Previous volunteer work or employment working with disturbed adolescents encouraged.Willingness to live with adolescents and work with a therapeutic team of Christian professionals.21 years of age and in possession of a valid driver’s license.

Broad Responsibilities

The Resident Childcare Worker is responsible for the overall care and supervision of six behaviorally/emotionally disturbed and/or chemically dependent adolescents. Staff implement an individualized treatment plan for each youth while living with the adolescents 4 days a week. This is done within the context of an interdependent staff treatment team.

Specific Responsibilities

Structure and Nurturance: create an atmosphere of warmth, openness and safety with limits that encourage each youth to be responsible for him or herself. Administer consequences for behavior.Implement Treatment Plans: provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each youth. This includes meals, health care, supervision and transportation. Provide counseling, work with clients on treatment issues and facilitate communications among peers.Household Operations: manage the daily operation of the home including the budget, shopping and the maintenance of the allowances of the youth. Maintain the home in a clean and orderly fashion, reporting maintenance and replacement needs. Assign and assist clients in accomplishment of routine, age-appropriate chores.Academic Encouragement: oversee the participation of youth in school by maintaining routine contact with school officials, assist the adolescents in areas of academic difficulty and monitor the progress of each youth.Reporting and Documentation: prepare daily and monthly reports on clients for records; provide input for the treatment team in formulating the treatment plan; provide incident reports.


The Resident Childcare Worker is paid approximately $2218.00 a month to start, including room & board. Benefits include health care, paid holidays and vacation.

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