Individual Direct Sales

I am pleased to notify you via email of the positions that are currently available at Comcast. Your organization has been identified as one that we feel could reach qualified applicants for our positions. We welcome any applicants that you refer to us and we appreciate your support.

Comcast Cable is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. We are always seeking better ways to recruit within the community

This job posting is now currently available within Comcast:

Intern/Co-op 1, Administrative Serv - Marketing, Knoxville TN DSR, Individual Direct Sales (SFU) - Knoxville, TN, Knoxville TN

Please distribute this posting as widely as possible. If candidates are interested in applying to Comcast Cable for these or any other positions encourage them to apply online at our career section on

We look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

Comcast Recruiting Team

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