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Cedar Lake Camp

235 Conatser Ln Livingston, TN 38570 email (931) 823-5656

Counselor Job Description


Counselor, Cedar Lake Camp Reporting Relationship:

Executive Director Overview

We are looking young men and women who are 18 or older to work with children during our Summer Camp Program in order to fulfill the mission of Cedar Lake Camp. Resident Camp is for ages 8-14 while Day Camp is for ages 5-10.


The mission of Cedar Lake Camp and Children’s Gospel Hour is to reach children with the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to lead them into a relationship with Him while nurturing and discipling a staff of young people into a lifestyle of ministry. This vision will be achieved through a variety of camps and retreats -- with the core of the ministry being found in the summer camp program.

Leadership and management responsibilities

Spiritual leadership

Must be committed to Jesus Christ and His mission.

 Maintains a commitment to Scripture and the inerrancy of the Bible in all ministries of Cedar Lake Camp and Children’s Gospel Hour.

 Provides spiritual leadership to children including devotions and evangelism.

 Able to work closely with Executive Director and other staff.

 Will develop friendships with children with the goal of evangelism and discipleship.

 Must relate well with children.

 Must be able to share gospel with children.

Personnel management

Counselors are assigned a Junior Counselor (ages 16-17) to assist them each week. You will be responsible for your JR Counselor fulfilling their duties.


Responsibilities may include but not limited to:.


Developing friendships with children


Leading devotion time for children


Leading children in cabin cleanup


Leading children in recreation, games, activities


Ensuring camper’s hygiene (make them take a bath at least once during the week!)


Participating in camp activities such as Colors, Polar Bear, Capture the Flag, etc.


Keeping a watchful eye on campers at pool


Keeping campers focused during campfires


Leading campers during mealtimes


Looking for opportunities to share gospel of Christ with campers


Dealing with problems that may arise (tensions, gossip, rowdiness, bullying, etc.)


Representing Cedar Lake Camp in a positive manner to parents and other important constituents


Ensuring safety of campers


Supervising your assigned JR Counselor


Submitting to and taking direction from Executive Director, Associate Director, Board Members and other SR Staff


Being an example of Christ for campers and fellow staff

Facilities management

Responsible for cleanliness and order of facilities associated with job duties (primarily your cabin and Pavilion during Day Camp)

 Responsible for clean, orderly, and safe activity areas (fishing shed, canoe area, craft cabin, etc.)


Represents Cedar Lake Camp in a positive manner to parents and family members as appropriate.

 Represents Cedar Lake Camp to community as opportunities arise.


Responsible for performing other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

 Prefer an individual who is acquainted with and committed to Cedar Lake Camp’s mission, vision and culture.



Is a mature evangelical Christian with a close walk with the Lord.

 Fully supports – and is willing to sign -- the Children’s Gospel Hour doctrinal statement.

 Fully supports – and is willing to sign – the Children’s Gospel Hour bylaws.

 An active member in good standing at an evangelical church.

 Comfortable and experienced in effectively sharing the Christian faith with children/ young people.

 Able to lead Bible studies and other activities with an evangelistic approach.


Is at least 18 years old


Prefer experience in resident camp, day camp and adventure camp programs.

 Experience working with young people.

 Understands the purposes of Christian camping

Personal characteristics

Christ-like attitude

 Can be trusted with children and young people

 A heart of service and humility

 A faithful team player

 Able to give encouragement and handle constructive critiques

 Able to work with, take direction and coaching from, submit to, and cooperate with Executive Director and other staff

 Able to relate well to children and young people

 Able to relate well to parents and other important constituents

 A heart for ministering to children and young people

 Wisdom and discernment

 Ability to motivate others

 Highest levels of integrity

 Self-starter

 Hard worker

 Excellent people skills

 Strong leadership skills

 Strong project-management skills

 Commitment to excellence in everything

 A good fit for Cedar Lake Camp

 Ability to manage both the big picture and the details

 Able to define problems and then solve them effectively

 General willingness to do what is necessary, even if some tasks do not fall under job description


 Organized

 Not lazy; productive

 Believes in and adheres to Mission Statement and Doctrinal Statement

 Clear criminal background and credit checks

 Great recommendations

 Stable marriage (if married); not divorced

 Good health

 Emotionally and spiritually mature

 Keeps word

 Responsible with finances both personally and professionally


We prefer someone who has or is willing to seek certifications in these areas:

 CPR and CPR training

 First aid and first-aid training

 Lifeguard training

Nice to Haves

Musical ability

 Recreation background

 Familiar with games and/or sports


This position offers a weekly pay of $165. There is a $25/week retro-bonus for those who stay all 6 weeks ($165 X 6 wks= $

990 + $25 X 6 wks all-summer bonus {$150}= $1140.


Lifeguards are paid an additional bonus.

Application Instructions

To apply, please visit our website and look under the "Working @ Camp" tab. Follow the link to the PDF document "Counselor Application." Please indicate on the application that you are applying for the position of "Counselor."

You may mail your application along with references to:

Cedar Lake Camp

235 Conatser Ln

Livingston, TN 38570

You may email your application along with references to

You may also call the camp office at (931) 823-5656 for questions about camp or this position.

Thank for your interest in Cedar Lake Camp.

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