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Welcome to both new and returning students to Carson-Newman. If you are one of the many students who will be bringing a computer or other system which will attached to the C-N wired network here are some facts that will help in making the connection process run smoothly.


In your Residence Hall Room                                                     Print Instructions
All dorm rooms on campus have the ability to connect to the C-N Network and the Internet. If more than one wired network appliance (computer, game system, etc) needs to be plugged in you may obtain a hub through Help Desk ($30 deposit). Routers will not work on the C-N network.

There are four components to connecting to the Network:

  1. Network adapter
  2. Network cable
  3. Network jack
  4. CleanAccess software

The Network adapter
The latest PC's and laptop computers come with a network adapter built in.The network adapter port looks like an over-sized telephone port.
Some other names for a network adapter are: ►Network Interface Card (NIC)►Ethernet adapter► Network/Ethernet Port►10/100 Mbps network card

The Network Cable
The network cable allows you to connect the network adapter on your computer to the network jack in your room. Some other names for a network cable are: ►Cat5 Cable►Patch Cable►Straight Cable►Ethernet Cable  Cables are available at Wal-Mart, Target, Staples or Office Max in the computer accessories section.

The Network Jack

  • The network jack is your connection to the student network and the world via Internet.
  • Network jacks vary by dorm, but it is normally found beside or below your telephone port on the wall.
  • The network jack is sometimes labeled 'Data'.
  • The network jack looks like an over-sized phone jack.

CleanAccess Software

CleanAccess is a network authentication and validation software preventing 'infected' machines from accessing the network. You will be asked to log on and update whenever you connect to the C-N Network.

If Clean Access does not install properly: Make sure your fire wall is turned off.

Troubleshooting Your Network Connection

  • Make sure you have a straight Cat5 Patch Cable, NOT A CROSSOVER CABLE.
  • Make sure you are using DHCP – See instructions below
  • Using cable internet at home? You may need to reset your TCP/IP Networking for use in the Residence Halls.

If you have checked the above items contact Help Desk at 865-471-3506 to request an appointment for a technician to test the network jack. C-N technicians cannot repair personal computers.

Setting up DHCP for XP

  • Enter the Network and Dial-Up Connections properties by Right-Clicking 'My Network Places' in the >Start menu and choosing Properties.
  • Right-Click 'Local Area Connection' and choose Properties.
  • Double-Click 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)'.
  • Choose the option: Obtain an IP Address Automatically.

Resetting TCP/IP Networking

  • Open the >Start Menu >Select Run...
  • Type ‘cmd’
  • This will open a command window
  • Type 'ipconfig /release'
  • Type 'ipconfig /renew'

Information Technology Services Help Desk
Room 300, FITE Administration Building
email: ithelpdesk@cn.edu | phone: 865-471-3506
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