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E-Mail for Students

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Carson-Newman Exchange (Outlook) e-mail is an official form of communication for the University and should be checked daily throughout the academic year. You will receive important registration, financial assistance and academic information through this account. It cannot be forwarded to a personal e-mail system.

Your C-N email account is created at the same time the network account is created. You will have access to your email anytime-anywhere through the Outlook Web Access.

Ways to access

User Name

Your student's email user name is created from your official name on file with the Registrar's office. The user name is automatically set to the first initial, middle initial and full last of your name.
example: Ex. John D. Smith is jdsmith

If two students (past or present) have the same first initial, middle initial, and last name the student information system automatically assigns a random number after your last name. You may need to check with IT or the Registrar's office to verify your user name.


Password is initially set to the last 6 digits of social security number. This password is NOT the same as C-N Connect. If you have changed your C-N Connect password to get your financial and course information it does not change the email password.

Storage Limits

Please be sure to check your C-N email often and keep your storage space maintained to help insure you receive important C-N messages.

Your storage space is limited to holding 300MB of e-mail messages. This includes the total size of all the mail in all of your folders on the e-mail server. This is plenty of space for many, many messages unless you receive large attachments which can take up your space in a hurry. If your e-mail storage space reaches 250MB full, you will receive a warning e-mail that you are getting close to reaching your quota. If your e-mail storage space reaches 275MB full, your account will automatically be prohibited from sending messages. If your e-mail storage space reaches 300MB, your account will automatically be prohibited from sending or receiving e-mail messages.

If you get a warning message or find you cannot send or receive e-mail (possibly due to the delivery of a message with a large attachment), the only way to restore your e-mail service is to delete enough messages to keep your account below the limit. Note that after deleting messages, your Deleted Items folder must be emptied to re-claim the storage space.

To delete your messages, select the message you want to delete and click the delete button on your keyboard. Then be sure to empty your deleted items folder by right-clicking on the Deleted Items and selecting Empty Deleted Items.

Daily Announcements

All students, undergraduate and graduate receive the Daily Announcements from EagleNet. Since these e-mails may contain official communication from the University, you cannot opt out of receiving the Daily Announcement.

Please refrain from posting to the Daily announcements, “Buy and Sell” items. There is a site on EagleNet reserved for such items.

Email on Mobile Devices

C-N’s e-mail system is capable of synchronizing with many handheld devices. We have confirmed devices using Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync works well with our mail infrastructure. This software is included on Windows Mobile devices - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/default.mspx - and is licensed by other handheld manufacturers including Apple. However, there may be certain limitations with some vendors. For instance, Apple’s implementation does not synchronize task items. The following information should help you configure your handheld device.

  • The server name will be webmail, webmail.cn.edu, or https://webmail.cn.edu/owa.
  • Typically, the domain will be cn.edu.
  • The username will be formatted as abstudent or abstudent@cn.edu.
  • The connection type will need to be configured as EAS or Exchange. The connection type will NOT be IMAP or POP3.

Blackberry devices will sync with our CN mail by one of two ways: either with Blackberry Server Enterprises (if your service includes that) or by adding your email address as you would any other account. Begin by adding a new email account, and typing your email address and password. Upon receiving the prompt that it doesn’t work, click the link for more options. When entering in the account information, select Exchange as the account type. The server will either be cn.edu or webmail.cn.edu

Information Technology Services Help Desk
Room 300, FITE Administration Building
email: ithelpdesk@cn.edu | phone: 865-471-3506
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