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C-N Online offers many other tools in addition to those available to courses.


The community link is found on the top navigation bar of the C-N Online LMS Homepage. A community is a group of team of people who get together for a common cause. Some common communities may be student groups or organizations, athletic fan clubs, gaming groups, hobbyists, or any number of others.

Communities may be Public or Private depending on their type. Public means anyone with access to C-N Online (any member of the Carson-Newman students, faculty or staff). Private means that you must receive an invitation by the community organizer to join the group.


Instructors are able to post your grades to C-N Online for you to view whenever you like. Clicking the “Grades” icon on the top navigation bar brings you to the Grades page where you can review all of the grades posted by your instructor for each of your courses. Instructors may or may not choose to use this feature, and if you do not see a grade posted that you believe should be, contact your instructor.  Official midterm and final grades are available only through C-N Connect.


The contacts section of C-N Online works just like an address book; you can add/remove contacts and search for specific contacts with the search button.

Adding Contacts

You can add contacts by clicking on the “Member Directory” link next to the search box or on the left navigation bar. From here, you can either search for a specific name, or browse alphabetically by last name. When you find a contact, click on their name and select their relation to you through the “Add As” drop-down box.

Searching and Sorting Contacts

Once you have added some contacts, you can search and sort them by using the tools on the main, ”Contacts,” page. You can select to only show people of a certain relation you or you can search for a specific name in the search box. You can remove contact by clicking on the “Manage Contacts” button and then clicking “Remove” underneath the contact’s name.


A blog is a great way to share your experiences and ideas. C-N Online offers an internal blogging system that allows you to easily share amongst your instructors and peers and also makes it easy for you to follow along with them as well.

Creating a Blog

After clicking the blog icon on the top navigation bar, click on the New Post link to create a new blog post. This will bring you to the new post page where you can create a new blog post using a standard editor. Before submitting your post, add some tags/keywords to make it easier for users to find your blog. Be sure to also select whether you want your post to actually be published at that moment or saved as a draft for later submission.

Blog Directory

The blog directory is a collection of all the blogs on C-N Online. Latest blog posts are displayed on the main page of the directory and you can browse through the current bloggers on the left side of the main window. When you find a post you are interested in, you can comment on the blog posting by clicking on the Comments link at the bottom of the post.

If you liked the post, be sure to add the blogger to your contacts, this will make it easier for you to find more of their posts in the future.


The C-N Online calendar will display all events that are scheduled through C-N Online. Any courses that have posted calendar events will have them all consolidated here. The calendar is a powerful tool to aid in keeping track of a busy schedule.

Navigating the Calendar

To change your calendar view, click on one of the five view options at the top of the calendar window. If there is a specific view that you prefer, click on it and select “Save Current View as Default.” That way, the current view you are using will be what automatically appears whenever you go to your calendar. You can move forward and backward in the calendar by clicking either the << button to move backward or the >> to move forwards.

Adding Calendar Events

To add calendar events, click on the “add” link on the day you would like to add the event to. This will bring you to the “New Calendar Item” page. You can add a title, details, start and end time, and decide whether the event occurs only once or every day/week/month.


If you are having trouble using C-N Online, click on the Help button on the top navigation bar. This will bring you to the main student and faculty help page where you will find a wealth of additional information including tutorial videos, suggestions, and helpful resources. There are also links to download some of the programs listed in the Technical Requirements section of the C-N Online Technology Handbook.

Submit a Help Ticket for C-N Online/e360

If you are still having difficulty, a help ticket may be the best option. To open a ticket, click the User Help Desk tool on the Help page and click the New Help Ticket link.

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