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C-N Online/Edvance360 Course Tools

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The discussion link allows for course dialog among instructors, teaching assistants and students in a threaded manner. To access discussion from within a course, click the Discussion tool on the course navigation bar, or by opening the appropriate discussion forum from within a lesson item.


The lesson tool is used by the instructor to assign the student an action step or sequence of action steps to complete a set of objectives which tie into a unit, chapter, or phase of instruction. These action steps may request the student to perform tasks such as reading documents, viewing video clips, listening to audio files, watching a power point presentation, submitting an assignment, or contributing to a discussion.


The dropbox is the area where students share their digital files with their instructors. The instructor sets up designated dropboxes in one of two methods:

  1. One dropbox per student
  2. One dropbox per assignment

You can access dropboxes by clicking the dropbox tool on the course navigation bar, or by opening the appropriate dropbox from within a lesson item.

You may also send a note to the instructor with the file(s) you submit by typing in the notes area before clicking Submit.


  1. The instructor controls how many submissions you may be allowed per dropbox
  2. If the instructor leaves feedback with a submission, you must reopen the dropbox to view the comments.


Resources are groups of digital information files the instructor makes available for your use. To access course resources, click the resources tool on the course navigation bar or open the appropriate resources folder from within a lesson item.

In order to open resource files, you must have the corresponding program. For example, a .PDF file requires a program such as Adobe Reader. WMV files require a program such as Windows Media Player, or VLC Media Player. If you are having trouble opening a file in your class resources, check its file extension first. Usually a quick search of the extension name can tell you what program is needed to open the file. 


Surveys are another type of course material your instructor may choose to utilize. They may be accessed by clicking the survey tool or by opening the appropriate survey from within a lesson item. Most surveys are anonymous, if in doubt and you believe your response should remain anonymous, ask your instructor to clarify the settings on the survey.

Wiki / Glossary

The Wiki / Glossary may be used in several ways. You may find this is a resource in which the instructor has loaded course specific terms and their definitions, or the instructor may assign students to develop the course Wiki / Glossary as a portion of their individual or group work. The Wiki / Glossary may be accessed by selecting the Wiki tool on the course navigation bar or by opening the appropriate resources folder from within a lesson item.

Always cite source information properly when adding to the Wiki / Glossary!


The chat tool offers real-time communication which may be used by individuals in a course if the instructor has made this tool available. To access Chat, select the chat tool on the course navigation bar or open the appropriate link from within a lesson’s action item.

You can review past chat logs by clicking the Chat tool, entering the date of the chat, and clicking the Show Logs button.


  1. Chat content does not get removed when users exit the room.
  2. DO NOT consider chat private. Logs are kept of all chats.
  3. Read the Chat Room Etiquette Resource. DO NOT verbally abuse, attack, embarrass, or threaten anyone else in the chat room no matter what they might say to you.


The groups tool provides an area used for Group work. Groups may have their own discussions, resources and calendar. These tools allow your group to meet virtually in the discussion area, post shareable digital files with your group and even make sure the whole group knows the deadlines by using the group calendar. Groups can be accessed by selecting the groups tool on the course navigation bar. You may use the discussion and calendar tools in the same fashion as for the course equivalents of these tools. 


If your instructor has informed you that your test is to be taken with BrowserLock, READ the Tests - Respondus LockDown Browser Section First!!

To access tests, select the tests tool on the course navigation bar, or open the test as part of a lesson item. If BrowserLock is enabled, you will be unable to begin the assessment without the proper software installed.


  • Ensure that you click both the Start Test, and the Confirm Start buttons when beginning your test
  • Make sure to read any instructions listed at the top of the test and note the time limit.
  • Be sure to save progress often and save if you must leave the test without finishing.
  • When you have completed the test, click the Finish Test button
  • Make sure to also click the CONFIRM FINISH button to submit your test.

Tests - Respondus LockDown BrowserTM

LockDown Browser is a piece of software that prevents printing, copying, or other program access while running an online test.

If a C-N Online test requires the LockDown Browser be used, you will not be able to take the test with a standard web browser!

If the LockDown browser program is already installed, such as it is on the C-N Library Computers, you may skip these steps.


LockDown Browser MUST be installed BEFORE attempting to take ANY LockDown Browser enabled tests!!!

  • Log on to C-N Online
  • Select the Help icon on the top navigation bar
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Select either the Windows BrowserLock installer or Mac BrowserLock installer under the Helpful Resources section
  • Windows: Select Run if you get a warning about the BrowserLockSetup.exe program
  • Mac: Download the DMG file and Drag the installation program out of the download folder and onto the Desktop. You may need to run it twice.

Taking a LockDown Browser Enabled Test

  • Close all programs
  • Windows: BrowserLock will open when you begin the test.
  • Mac: Launch the LockDown Browser from the Applications folder before navigating to the C-N Online website.
  • The program will prompt you to close any programs you may have missed (such as instant messaging). Select “Yes” when prompted to close.
  • Log in to C-N Online
  • Navigate to the course and test (either through the test link in the course navigation menu or through the test link in the lesson)
  • Allow the LockDown Browser to run if you are prompted
  • When you have completed the test, close the LockDown Browser. Your system will return to normal.

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