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C-N Online/Edvance360 Course Home Page Layout

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To enter a course page, click the “Courses” link on the Top Navigation Bar. From the courses page you can either search for a course in which you are registered by typing in the search area and clicking the search button, or you may scroll through your courses. Once you find the course you are looking for, click the link to enter the course.

Course Navigation Bar

The course navigation bar links you to all of the tools available in the course. These tools may be arranged in a different order for each course, and may or may not contain all the same tools. This navigation section is designed by the instructor of each individual course. The Home link on this navigation bar will always bring you back to the course home page.


The instructor section displays an image of the course instructor if he or she has provided one. You may also click the Profile link for more detailed information about your instructor, or the Contact link in order to send the instructor an e-mail message.

Course Roster

The course roster displays images of the instructor and fellow classmates. You can click on a name or image to view the person’s profile, add them as a contact, view their blog, or contact them via e-mail.

About this Course

If the instructor has designed the Course Home Page to show more information about the course, it will be listed under the About This Course heading. Not all instructors will provide this information


Here you will find a course overview including expectations and attendance policies, test dates, grading policy, require texts, software or other require supplied. The syllabus is the key to your personal course management.

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