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Guest Account for Network Access

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Faculty and staff can sponsor a guest account for non-Carson-Newman visitors who have legitimate business or academic needs to temporarily access restricted resources.  By requesting access for a guest the faculty or staff member (the sponsor) agrees to the following:

The sponsor will take responsibility for the account sponsorship of the guest and submit completed and signed guest request form to the Information Technology Help Desk no later than 2 days before the arrival of the guest. 

The sponsor will take responsibility of sharing the Carson-Newman Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy with the guest.

Account Creation

The process may require up to 2 full business days to complete.  Guests and their sponsors are notified via email when the guest account is active.


The guest account will allow the guest to logon to the Carson-Newman wireless (or wired) network.  If the device is a computer running Windows 7, XP or a Mac running Snow Leopard or above you will be required to download a CISCO Network Access application.  Other devices such as smart phones, iPads, and other Tablet PCs will need to log on using the browser authentication for network access.

Email, printing, backup and file storage are university funded services that are not available to guests.

Terms of the Account

By using the guest account signed to you, the guest, you are agreeing that you have read and will adhere to the Carson-Newman Information Technology Acceptable Use policy.

The account will expire six months or less as specified by the sponsor.  The account may be renewed by the sponsoring faculty or staff member at the end of the term.  If the account is not renewed, at the end of 6 months from sponsorship, the account will be automatically disabled. 


Information Technology Services Help Desk
Room 300, FITE Administration Building
email: ithelpdesk@cn.edu | phone: 865-471-3506
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