Faculty ITS Training and Webinar Series

C-N Online/ Edvance360 Faculty Training

Introduction & Overview - See Overview Here  (11 minutes)
Audience:  Beginner, never used C-N Online/Edvance360

  • What is it and why does it go by two names?
  • How do you get to and log onto C-N Online/Edvance360
  • Requirements for using C-N Online/Edvance360.
  • Customizing the Home Page “Dashboard”
  • Customizing your Profile
  • Using it to keep you Vita up-to-date

Setting the Stage  - See Setting the Stage  (8 minutes)
Audience: Beginner or Refresher

  • Course Home Page Setup
  • Course Tool Overview
  • Course Settings

Preparing and Uploading Content - See Uploading Content (8 minutes 47 seconds)
Audience: Beginner or Refresher

  • Organizing Your Content Repository
  • Uploading Documents and Other Files
  • Uploading Test Questions
  • Activating Student Access to the Course Syllabus

Get Ready to Assess  - 5 Videos
Audience:  Beginner or Refresher

Organizing Activities (Video coming soon)
Audience:  Beginner to Seasoned Edvance360 User

  • Using Internet Hyperlinks
  • Embedding external video
  • Video /Audio Notes
  • Surveys
  • Planning Group Activities

Bring it all together (Video coming soon)
Audience:  Beginner to Seasoned Edvance360 User

  • Creating Lesson Modules
  • Helpful Student Resources
  • Set the stage for tracking progress

Facilitating Your Course (Video coming soon)

  • Messaging Your Students
  • Online Office Hours
  • Teaching Assistants:  Human and BOT Agents
  • Announcements
  • Reporting

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