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Redefine Beauty


The REDEFINE BEAUTY Campaign is a two week event bringing awareness to C-N students about body image and eating disorders. The biggest challenege that we face is to accept ourself for the beauty inside instead of criticizing ourselves for what we perceive to be the ugly of the outside.

We challenge you to paricipate in the events detailed below and begin to think more positive and accept yourself. You are so special to God, your family, friends and peers we would hate for you to miss that!



Wednesday 2/20 Positive Day: Join us in flooding the campus with positive messages. Write a message on a post it, note card or any type of paper and tape it up on your hall, in a bathroom stall, on a friend's door...etc. For more information, see your chaplain or contact counseling services.

Thursday 2/21 Donate Clothes: Trying to get into a skinner pair of jeans? We want to encourage you to donate them instead, "Be Comfortable in Your Genes. Wear Jeans that Fit the REAL YOU." Donations will go to a local non-profit to clothe others in need. You can donate them in the lobby of your dorm or in the Kathleen Manley Building.

Friday 2/22 CLW REDEFINE BEAUTY Kick Off: Join us to kick off the "Redefine Beauty Campaign" in the cafeteria @ 8 pm. If you want to participate in the challenge, you can get the details and your free t-shirt.

Saturday2/23 Coffee House:  A Cup Full of Mercy Coffee House @ The Creek Cafe @ 7:30pm.

Monday 2/25 Mirror Less Monday: A mirror on your hall should be covered up today to remind you that beauty is on the inside. (If you don't reside in a residence hall, cover up your own mirror with paper). Challenge yourself to compliment your reflection in the mirror. 

Tuesday 2/26 No Diet Day: Listen to your body today. Challenge yourself to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Do eat the foods that you would like to eat without being critical of them or your body afterwards.

Wednesday 2/27 Mural in the MSAC: Take a minute to stop by the Gratefulness Tree Mural in the MSAC Grand Hall today from 11a-2p. Challenge yourself to think of one or more ways you are grateful for your body.

Thursday 2/28 CLW "Religion of Thinness": Join us at 9:30am  in Ted Russell room 150 to hear Dr. Gail Gnade challenge you to find a new source of self-definition.

Friday 3/1 Stomp the Scales: Want to beat up that scale? You can today with a sledge hammer! We will be outside of the MSAC from 11a-2p. Challenge yourself to define yourself for the quality of person you are not the quantity scale tells you.

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