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Counseling: It's for Everyone

MYTH: Counseling is for people with problems.

FACT: Counseling is an opportuntiy for any and every student to reach their personal, spirtual and academic goals.

Did you know that in the spring of 2011, 6 out of 10 C-N students reported experiencing a greater than average level of stress? AND 83% of C-N students reported feeling overwhelmed?*

Counseling Services offers a quiet and confidential place for you to talk out/through anything that may be on your mind. Some benefits of counseling include:

  • Learning to manage stress
  • Learning to manage time
  • Learning to manage mood
  • Learning to balance school, work and/or extra curricular activities
  • Learning to handle relationships (from roommates to romantic ones)
  • Learning new study/test taking skills

 There are endless benefits of counseling. Come by our office to learn more and to reach any of your personal, spirtual and/or academic goals. You can also view some quick tips here.

Interested in Learning More?

To learn more about the process of counseling please refer to the FAQ page.

If you are interested in counseling you may schedule an appointment by phone (865-471-3350), email (Jennifer Catlett, jcatlett@cn.edu or Shannon Tuell, stuell@cn.edu) or in person (at the Kathleen Manley Building). You can also print out the intake form and bring it with you.

You can find the intake form here.


*Taken from the CORE survey given spring 2011. N=691

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