For almost 40 years CAPA has provided students with the learning experience of a lifetime. With both individual and group based study abroad programs, CAPA delivers quality experiential education across the globe. With programs centers located on three continents in five countries, students are taught using a tested and proven educational program called My Education (ME) which blends theme based classroom learning and experiential learning to give students the context they need to expand their understanding of the world in which they live.

The CAPA Mission

Our mission has remained unchanged since 1972: to provide learning abroad opportunities which genuinely educate students and visiting faculty about the people and culture in which they are learning in a holistic educational environment. Our programs weave experiential and academic learning together with internships, co-curricular activities and methods of instruction; these create a total learning environment, ensuring every student gains the deeper contextual relevance before, during and after their study abroad experience. We believe that a student’s intercultural awareness and self-confidence, as well as a genuine interest in their own education can be uniquely shaped while learning abroad. Over 50,000 students are alumni of the CAPA Organization. It is our belief that the experiences and lessons gained by your students on our programs will continue to bring new levels of curiosity and tolerance to the future generations of people they engage with.

Live. Explore. Discover. Create. LEARN

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The Private College Consortium for International Studies (PCCIS) is a consortium of 16 Appalachian colleges which cooperate to provide their students with a variety of educational experiences in London, England. Program lengths vary from 3 and a half weeks to a full semester.

PCCIS was formed for the purpose of providing international studies opportunities to students of private Appalachian colleges.

If your college is interested in joining the consortium, contact Dr. Wayne Ballard, Any Appalachian College Association member campus is eligible for PCCIS membership.

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