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PCCIS offers programs during the fall and spring semesters that correspond to the academic calendars of most U.S. colleges and universities. Faculty from consortium member institutions travel to London and teach courses in their specialties. All courses are designed to gain maximum benefit from the great treasures that London has to offer.

PCCIS offers both summer and semester programs in London through our arrangements with CAPA International Education. During the semester, students take courses from stateside professors who supervise the trip. They are housed in dormitory-style flats near the college, which is located in the museum district, near Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The residence is convenient to London underground stations and is within walking distance to some of London's most famous landmarks.

In the summer program, students take courses from consortium professors. Some students find the financial advantage of a short summer stay decisive, while others prefer to gain the rich benefits of a longer semester stay. Any federal and state financial aid you receive should apply to a London semester. Carson-Newman scholarships and aid are not applicable to study abroad in London. For information on your specific financial aid eligibility, please contact your Financial Assistance counselor.

In the semester program, students are required to take the "core" course, "Understanding Britain Today." This course is comprised of weekly lectures by British academics or professionals and weekly field trips to places such as Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, Canterbury, Oxford, etc.

Weekends are always great travel times on these programs, so that side trips to places like Paris, Amsterdam, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, etc. may be undertaken by interested students. Of course, London holds practically infinite fascinations for those who remain on the weekends.

The students who have attended PCCIS programs report that the experience was the most memorable, enriching, and fun of their educational career. And there is never a better time to take a trip abroad than when you are in college.

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