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Live and teach in London for 3+ weeks!

Faculty applications for teaching in the summer London Term are now being accepted. This program is open to all full-time faculty members at Carson-Newman. We anticipate sending up to three persons. Each faculty member will offer one 24-day course. Airfare, accommodations, and program costs will be paid for those faculty members whose courses attract sufficient enrollment (usually ten enrollees for each course). In addition, a small stipend will be paid to the faculty members to help offset further living expenses in London. There is no other compensation. There is no financial assistance available for accompanying family members. Courses that fail to attract sufficient enrollment may be cancelled.

Faculty members elected to teach in this program will:

enthusiastically recruit students for the program (a year-long process); offer courses that complement other consortium offerings for the summer; serve as mentors, chaperones, and informal advisors as needed for student participants; offer courses that are suitably enhanced by being taught in London; make direct use of the London area's historical, cultural, artistic, and/or intellectual riches in their courses; work as a team with other faculty participants in the recruiting, planning, and implementation stages; help uphold Carson-Newman's high academic and student life standards while in London; work cooperatively with CAPA International Education, the foreign studies vendor that we use for this program; submit a written evaluation of the experience upon its completion.

Campus-approved faculty proposal will be forwarded to the larger consortium board for consideration to be included in the brochure for the summer, a brochure that will be distributed on approximately 30 consortium campuses.

If you would like to pursue this rewarding opportunity, please complete the application (found under Department Links) and return it to Dr. Wayne Ballard, London Program Coordinator,

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