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  • Patsy Boyce

    Position: Professor, Biology

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3420

    Campus Box: 72037

    Email: pboyce@cn.edu

    Office: Dougherty Science Center, room 101B

    HP Advising area: Medicine

  • Christine Dalton

    Position: Chair, Department of Chemistry, Math, and Physics: Associate Professor, Chemistry

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3258

    Campus Box: 72037

    Email: cdalton@cn.edu

    Office: Dougherty Science Center, room 314

    HP Advising area: Medicine

    Christine Dalton joined Carson-Newman in January 2003 after receiving her Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2002. She is a Carson-Newman alum having graduated with a BA in Chemistry. Prior to getting her Ph.D., she worked in an environmental analysis laboratory (USA-CHPPM-EUR) for the U. S. Army in Landstuhl, Germany, analyzing water, air, and soil samples for monitoring the health of soldiers in the European region. Her research interests revolve around safe drinking water for communities, specifically developing analytical methods to measure various contaminants in drinking water, determining mechanisms for formation of contaminants, and developing analytical techniques to better detect these contaminants. She is the advisor of KEM club, a chapter of the American Chemical Soceity, and Mortar Board.

  • Carolanne Henley

    Position: Academic Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies in Nursing

    Campus Phone: 865-471-4779

    Campus Box: 71883

    Email: chenley@cn.edu

    Carolanne Henley came to Carson-Newman in August of 2007 and currently serves as the Academic Coordinator for the Undergraduate Studies in Nursing. Ms. Henley teaches in the undergraduate program and serves on various committees for nursing and college campus. Her background experience is in nursing education college level, medical/surgical, emergency medicine, critical care and many years in management in the acute care setting. Ms. Henley earned her RN degree from a diploma program in England, and then immigrated to the United States. She earned her BSN degree from Oklahoma Baptist University, BS degree from Oklahoma City University and her MSN degree in Family Nurse Practitioner from East Tennessee State University. Ms. Henley is also very involved in mission work.

  • Steve Karr

    Position: Director of Health Pre-Professions; Professor, Biology

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3252

    Campus Box: 72041

    Email: stkarr@cn.edu

    Personal Website: http://cnweb.cn.edu/stkarr/

    Office: Dougherty Science Center, room 203

    HP Advising areas: Pharmacy, PA, OT

  • Paul Martino

    Position: Professor of Chemistry

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3257

    Campus Box: 72037

    Email: pmartino@cn.edu

    Joined Carson-Newman in 2011.  I have been in academia for the past nineteen years serving primarily as a chemistry faculty member while at 2-year institutions (most recently located in Kalispell, Montana for 17-years and the others located in Wisconsin). I have served as both division chair and/or department chair during that time while initiating an active undergraduate research program. I have been the lead PI on two successful National Science Foundation grants.

    I teach organic, biochemistry, general chemistry with the associated lab courses and have put an emphasis on leading undergraduate research. My research area involves biological mass spectrometry- a field that has greatly magnified over the past twenty years and since my work as a member of one of biological mass spectrometry’s pioneering research groups out of the University of Virginia. I am currently working on developing a new tool for structural biology that involves fast covalent labeling (or “painting”) biological molecules followed by mass spectrometry analysis. Imagine spray-painting a crumpled piece of paper, and then unfolding it and analyzing the pattern of paint… in many cases you can discern how the paper was folded. We are employing a similar strategy to study how biological molecules fold, misfold, bind to targets, and/or change shape.

    My wife along and our seven children are in the process of relocating our home base from Montana (near Glacier National Park) to Eastern Tennessee. We enjoy camping, hiking, and serving the Lord together as we are able. I am an avid fly fisherman and have even split my own cane to construct a few custom flyrods as a hobby. We were active members of our church back in Montana (Easthaven Baptist Church) and are in the process of locating a church home in Tennessee.

  • Mike Seale

    Position: Associate Professor, Physics

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3261

    Campus Box: 71905

    Personal Website: http://cnweb.cn.edu/mseale/home.htm

    Office: Dougherty Science Center, room 101A

    HP Advising areas: PT, Optometry

    Mike Seale joined Carson-Newman in 2004. He received his B.A. from Wabash College and M.S. and Ph.D. from The College of William and Mary. Prior to coming to Carson-Newman, he served as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Marietta College for three years and as head of the Physics Department at Thomas Nelson Community College for two years. He has also worked as a National Research Council Associate at NASA Langley Research Center for two years where he was involved with the High-Speed Research program. His main research interests are in ultrasonic materials evaluation (non-destructive evaluation). In his younger days, and before two surgeries, he spent all of his free time playing competitive volleyball. He now spends time in his shop doing woodworking when he is not busy at the College.

  • Susan O'Dell Underwood

    Position: Professor of English

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3573

    Campus Box: 71971

    Specialties: Creative Writing, Modern Poetry, Appalachian Literature, and Rhetoric & Compostion

  • Angie Wood

    Position: Associate Professor of Nursing

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3442

    Campus Box: 71883

    Email: awood@cn.edu

    Dr. Wood, who earned the PhD in Nursing from the University of Tennessee, joined the CN faculty in 1993. Her clinical specialty is maternal-infant nursing and she is certified as a High-Risk Perinatal Nurse and as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. She is interested in Qualitative research and currently teaches the Undergraduate Research course.

    Married to her husband Sam, Dr. Wood has 2 adult children and one grandchild. She attends Monte Vista Baptist Church where she is the keyboardist. An avid costume designer and seamstress, Dr. Wood is the Costume Coordinator for the Appalachian Ballet Company

  • Steve Wright

    Position: Associate Professor, Biology and Chemistry

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3562

    Campus Box: 72037

    Email: swright@cn.edu

    Office: Dougherty Science Center, room 113

    HP Advising areas: Dentistry, Medicine

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