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Apply to become a Bonner Center Intern!!

The Bonner Center Intern team will be made up of five interns for the 2017-2018 school year.  The intern role within our Center will represent the highest responsibility, trust, and leadership opportunity we can give to any student.  Bonner Center interns work hard and receive the support necessary to take on essential projects and work responsibilities that help the Center accomplish its mission and strategic goals.  Please apply to become a Bonner Center Intern by clicking here.

Bonner Center Intern Application Deadline:  Friday, April 14, 2017


[Video by C-N student Lauren Collins]

The Bonner Center:  A Values First Organization!!

People are the most important asset an organization has. The Bonner Center at C-N is comprised of varied groups of people from our staff, students and community partners, with different backgrounds, perspectives, social locations, and beliefs. One of the greatest organizational challenges we face is working together across all of our differences. As a values first organization the Bonner Center believes that it is our values that will bridge any possible divides from such an eclectic organization. It is our values that guide the decisions we make on a day – to – day basis. It is the values of the Bonner Center that guide how we partner, who we partner with, any project, program or initiative we undertake, and serves as the guiding force for all that the Bonner Center does.

As a result of a very intentional and intense all-center process, the Bonner Center has identified & articulates our values as follows:

EMPATHY:            Seeking to understand others & holding space in order to listen to other people’s stories.

AUTHENTICITY:   Practicing the ability of showing up as your full self. Authenticity guides how we partner with others.

COMMUNITY:       Reciprocal living where we learn to serve and be served. We build community through establishing interdependent relationships.

INCLUSION:         Recognizing, accepting, & celebrating our differences as the power that makes each of us unique.

What if the Bonner Center was a human being? Who would she be? What would make up her core essence? If the Bonner Center was a human, the Empathy value would be her heart. She would demonstrate her care and concern for other humans by empathetically listening to them in order to identify the assets and strengths they possess. Authenticity would be her soul. Every day --- good or bad --- she would show up ready to engage with a full heart & mind. Community would be her body. She would exist in such a way that she is always aware of her connectedness to all living things. She would always seek opportunities to be in service with others. Inclusion would be her mind. She would be a force for good in the world as she is equipped with the ability to accept, recognize, and celebrate all of humanity’s differences.

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