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What to Expect

 What to Expect in a C-N Online Program

Tuition and Fees 
Identification and Proctored Exams Fees

A C-N Online class will offer the same personal and quality accredited education as the students who take their courses on-campus.

Student "attendance" in online courses will be defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus. The instructor may require you to log in as much as five times a week.

Since you won’t be meeting with your instructor or fellow course mates face-to-face you will use various methods of communication. Most communication will take place through e-mail, online chats and discussions, announcements, and instant messages housed within the C-N Online Learning Management System. You may also experience text messaging or a good old-fashioned telephone call. Rest assured, whatever the communication method there will be a great deal of writing and reading.

Tech-related Content Delivery and Lecture Methods
You will need to check with your instructor to determine exactly which methods of technology you will use and what your computer requirements are before you actually register for your class. For example you may need media playing software, such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to listed to audio or video recorded lecture bytes.

Participation with Deadlines
Your instructor will require challenging assignments which may be technically challenging, include off-line (library) research, group projects and discussions. You are expected to meet assignment deadlines. Even though the 9 to 15 hours of time you spend learning in an online class is flexible, assignment deadlines usually are not. The courses are not meant to be self-paced, independent studies. You may be given assignments in which you must post discussion messages and feedback to others in your class several times a week.

Work your learning around your schedule. Study when it is convenient in the comfort of your own home. This makes C-N Online affordable since may be able to study without the need to hire a babysitter and save on transportation costs! Expect to be in charge of, and responsible for, your own time management. You will want to budget a set amount of time each day to help ensure you get the course work done.


Official Class Attendance/Absences Policy

Student "attendance" in online courses will be defined as active participation in the course as described in the individual course syllabus. The instructor may require you to log on as much as five times a week.

Attendance at all class meetings is required and a student is responsible for all the work, including tests and written assignments of all class meetings. Each individual faculty member will establish the consequences for absence and publish this in the course syllabus. If students must miss class for any reason, they are obligated to account for their absences to their instructors and arrange to obtain assignments for work missed. Students will be allowed to make up class work missed with no penalty if the absence was caused by documented illness, death of immediate family member, or participation in university sponsored activities. Otherwise, the instructor has no obligation to allow students to make up work.

Attendance will be taken for all students. Any student who does not attend class during the first two weeks of the semester will be administratively dropped from the class for non-attendance. Enrollment status (full-time/part-time, etc.) may be affected by this withdrawal which may impact billing and financial aid eligibility. Refer to the Refund Section of the catalog for more detailed information.
If a student fails to attend class for three (3) consecutive weeks, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course. A recalculation of earned financial aid will be processed for students who are administratively withdrawn from all courses before the end of the term due to lack of class attendance; these students may render themselves ineligible to receive financial assistance.

Identification and Proctored Examination Fees

Carson-Newman does not charge any additional fees for the student "attending" an online course.  There may be additional fees charged for examinations required by proctor.

A proctored exam is one supervised by the course instructor or other person designated and approved by Carson-Newman. Students living within a fifty (50) mile range of Carson-Newman’s main campus are expected to travel to C-N for the exam given either by the teacher at a designated time or at the Life Directions Center by previous arrangement (at least two weeks)

Proctoring Off-Campus
If you live further than fifty (50) miles of Carson-Newman’s main campus and are unable to attend an on-campus proctored examination you must make arrangements three weeks prior to the exam to complete the exam at another location. Failing to follow the off-campus proctor procedure will result in you, the student, accepting a zero grade for the examination.
Procedures for Off-Campus Proctoring
1. Contact your instructor and inform them you will be unable to attend the proctored session on-campus.
2. Locate a qualified person in your area willing to proctor the exam. A qualified person my include:

Non-Qualified Persons Include:

  • Friends, neighbors, or co-workers
  • Relatives
  • Persons who work part-time or adjuncts or graduate students at a college or university
  • Tutors, personal advisors, pastors
  • K-12 schoolteachers or administrators
  • Athletic department or sports program employees of a high school, college or university
  • Anyone with a potential conflict of interest

E-mail your instructor with the proctor’s full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Your instructor will contact your proctor to confirm and approve the proctor’s qualifications and will approve or disapprove your choice of proctor.

You are responsible for any fees associated with the proctoring of the exam.
Arrive to the exam at least 15 minutes before the exam start time, with a picture I.D. the proctor will photo copy it and it will be submitted with the proctor cover sheet.
Sign the proctor cover sheet.


Bring any material needed including textbooks, blank paper, pens, and calculators; DO NOT bring unauthorized items. Turn off cell phones when entering the test area. Only exam students are permitted. No children please.


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