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How to e-Consent

e-Consent for Student Billing and Financial Assistance allows you to access your student information on-line, and gives permission for the Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Assistance to exchange emails with you regarding your specific information. You have the right to receive your financial notices in a printed format. However, with your e-consent, your financial transactions can be processed faster than if you have to wait for paper mail from our offices or conduct business in person.e-Consent on Connect Image

To e-Consent

1. Log onto C-N Connect. [about C-N Connect]

2. Select Current Students.

3. Select Financial Information.

4. Select "Setup e-Consent to access Financial Records online (first-time user)".

5. Read the information.

6. Select "I Agree to e-Consent.

7. Select the Submit button.


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