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Faculty/Instructor Support

Instructional Technology and Online Learning Office

Carson-Newman recognizes the need for leadership and support in the appropriate use of technology for teaching and learning.  The Office provides support through:

  • Training
    In addition to the required training for first-time Online and Blended Learning course instructors, there is a generous amount of on-going mini-workshops, online self-paced tutorials and various self-serve handouts for all Carson-Newman faculty, staff and students.  Although you may find the self-serve type training in several locations you will find a compilation of  Step-by-step guides and videos in the Faculty Resources section of EagleNet: https://eaglenet.cn.edu/training (>EagleNet >Faculty & Staff Resources >Training)
  • C-N Online/E360
    Support for C-N Online/E360 system and the standardized used for course development, in the form of telephone, e-mail and walk-in support.  NOTE:  Firefox is the preferred browser.  You may not have access to all the functions of C-N Online should you choose to use another browser.

    To log onto
    C-N Online/E360 you will use your C-N Network Username (user name only, not e-mail address) and password.

    To request help for yourself or your students concerning C-N Online you may select the >Help tab >User Help Desk >+New Ticket.  The message will be sent to the Carson-Newman person monitoring C-N Online.   A response will return to you within 24 hours.
  • Technical Design Consulting
    To help improve online course quality using current technologies available to C-N faculty.
  • TurnitIn.Com
    The Office of Online Learning subscribes to Turnitin.Com.  With this service, you will be able to submit students’ papers and have them compared against several difference resources.  You receive a report which lets you know the probability that the document was or was not plagiarized.  For more information see:
    https://eaglenet.cn.edu/faculty/resources/Pages/TurnItin.aspx  (>EagleNet >Faculty & Staff Resources >TurnitIn
  • E360 Live!
    Integrated with Edvance360 the Office of online learning subscribes to E360 Live! Which allows you to use integrated video conferencing services.  It’s a synchronous solution to facilitate live classroom interaction, including presentation sharing, whiteboard capabilities, live audio and video conferencing.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (I.T.) department holds the licenses and on-campus technology needed for academic computing. I.T. maintains a secure high-speed network for faculty, staff and students to access the following:

  • Network & E-mail
    Faculty accounts are created when the H.R. department enters hiring information into the Datatel information system. Your user name is [usually] set to your first initial plus your last name.
    Example:  Jason Doe would be: jdoe.  Your password is initially set to the last six digits of your social security number.  If another user with the same first initial and last name has already been designated by the automated system your user name may be different.  You can verify by calling 865-471-3506 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or e-mail: 
    helpdesk@cn.edu.  You may be asked for verification of your identity.  Access the C-N e-mail from anywhere you have an Internet connection using Carson-Newman’s Outlook Web Access.  On-campus you will have a full Microsoft Outlook software available.
  • C-N Connect
    C-N Connectallows faculty to access their course rosters, advisor information, and enter student grades.  NOTE:  Although this service uses the same user name as your C-N network and E-mail accounts, for security reasons it DOES NOT use the same password.  You will be required to change the password at first log in.  If you forget your password, you can request to change it by selecting the RED link on the left side of the log-in screen.  You will need to access your Carson-Newman e-mail to retrieve a new temporary password.
  • Data Storage
    Each student, faculty and staff receives a personal file space on a network server. This space may be accessed from any networked computer on-campus.  Windows machines will automatically have an “M:” drive.  Mac computer users – select Command+K on the Finder screen to connect.
  • EagleNet
    Carson-Newman University (C-N) uses SharePoint server, which is a web-based collaboration tool. This allows secure information sharing and document collaboration.
    EagleNet is a central location for current general announcements, documents, web links, calendars and more.  To log onto this secure server you will need to use your complete C-N e-mail address and password.
  • Help Desk
    The Information Technology Help Desk is available by calling 865-471-3506 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or e-mail:  helpdesk@cn.edu

Library Support

  • E-Reserves
    Wherever possible we recommend that any material you wish to be put on reserve be placed on electronic reserve – our students really appreciate the 24/7 availability. If we already have the material available electronically, we will put only the link into our electronic reserve system to avoid any copyright issues. Journal articles and book excerpts are good candidates for electronic format. If you need to place entire books and/or videos on reserve, we offer one hour, one day, three day, and seven day options for books and one day check-out for media reserves. Regardless of format, please come by the main desk and fill out the necessary forms.

    Because of the time involved to set up and populate course reserves, we ask that you give us as much lead time as possible. We appreciate at least two days’ notice.  Contact:  864-471-3337
  • E-Books
    Carson-Newman has purchased subscriptions to several e-book libraries, allowing the C-N faculty and students to access many books online.  For a complete list visit: The e-book collections on the Carson-Newman web site.
  • Interlibrary Loan Requests
    To make an interlibrary loan request see: Interlibrary Loan on the Library section of the Carson-Newman web site.
  • Databases
    To log onto the Library databases from off-campus you must be a currently enrolled Carson-Newman student, or Carson-Newman faculty or.  When prompted for your username, enter your last name only (all lower case).

    When prompted for your password, enter the letters cn followed by your 7 digit ID number (no spaces). If your ID number has less that 7 digits, add enough zeros before your ID number to make the total number of digits equal 7. (ex: cn0012345)

Academic Life Directions Support

  • Aware. Care. Encourage (ACE) is a FERPA compliant reporting Early Alert System designed to connect Life-Directions with concerns you may have for your student.  Log on at: http://cn.pharos360.com and log on using your C-N Network user name and password.  Questions call:  865-471-3567


  • Access the Carson-Newman Bookstore to request text-books and other supplies. (Adjunct Instructors should contact their department chair or program director.

Human Resources

  • Hiring New Online Faculty.  Each Department is responsible for securing a qualified instructor for each online course.  This may be a current, full-time Carson-Newman or Adjunct instructor. 
  • To teach undergraduate courses, each faculty must hold a minimum of a Master’s degree in the specific discipline; or, equivalent, from an accredited institution.  Online experience is preferred but is not required.
  • To teach graduate courses, each faculty must hold a terminal degree in a specific discipline; or, equivalent, from an accredited institution.  Online experience is preferred but is not required.
  • To contact Human Resources call:  865-471- 3212 or e-mail hr@cn.edu.


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