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Faculty Responsibilities


Office Hours

A faculty member teaching an Online Learning course will hold the normally expected number of office hours.  If it is appropriate, the faculty member may set up to 1 1/2 hours for each Online Learning course as virtual (online) office hours. When conducting on-line office hours, faculty members are not required to be present on campus.

Office hours and communication modes will be clearly defined in the course Syllabus and/or Course Calendar.



Instructors will log into their Online Learning classes at least five days a week and interact with students by email, discussion board, chat, assignment comments, or grade posting.


The instructor will keep an “attendance” log, which tracks the number of times a student logs into the distance learning course per week. 

Course Rosters

All credit bearing courses will have their course rosters maintained through C-N Connect by the Registrar’s office.  C-N Connect holds the official class rosters.  If a student is missing from the C-N Online/Edvance360 roster but is on the C-N Connect roster, it is the instructor’s responsibility to contact the C-N Helpdesk immediately.


Students enrolled in an online course use their Student Identification, Carson-Newman Network ID and passwords as a way of verifying their identification.  Instructors must safeguard this information and not share any lists or other media with this personal information attached.  A student logs onto C-N Online/E360 using their C-N Network ID and Password to help insure the identity of the student is validated.  You may ask the student to provide C-N Student I.D. number and other unique bits of information at the end of an online examination in order to corroborate identification. 



Assessing student learning is done by the instructor and respective departments and should meet department standards. Instructors are encouraged to use assessment program driven methods to measure student performance such as portfolios, discussion or chat rubrics, and projects.  

Grading should be directly related to the objectives of the course and should reflect the relative level of attainment of the objectives.  Faculty will keep careful records of these grades and use C-N Connect to report the grades following the guidelines in the Carson-Newman Faculty Handbook.

All courses at C-N, including online delivered instruction, are required to have a final exam component.  Instructors may require students to take quizzes/exams in proctored settings.  The Life Directions Center has agreed to be a proctoring center if the faculty member is not available. See sample proctor cover sheet. Available in the Resources section of this document and also found on EagleNet at:  >Faculty/Staff Resources >Online Teaching Resources.

Course Outcomes Assessment

Assessment of student learning outcomes is an essential.  Results of student learning outcome assessments will be used to drive decision making regarding course improvement. 

Faculty Evaluations

Faculty/Course evaluations will be conducted online for all courses during the last week of the course period.  The instructor should encourage participation and communicate with the student that the evaluations are anonymous and to help insure the anonymity the instructor should not look at any of the evaluation until after the final grades have been posted.

The instructor is encouraged to offer periodic surveys to help evaluate the course during its progress to ensure continual monitoring and the ability to make necessary adjustments in a timely fashion.

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