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Curriculum Approval Process

Curriculum Approval Process

New Online or Blended Course
(Face-to-face course already available on-campus)

Recommended: This process should begin at least nine months prior to the online course offering.

  1. Complete the Online or Blended Course Proposal Form. Available in the Resources section of this document and also found on EagleNet at: >Faculty/Staff Resources >Online Teaching Resources.
  2. Submit the application to the Program Director/Department Chair for review and signature.
    a.  The review should include a verification of this SACs 50% rule:
    “When an institution initiates a program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate in which 50% or more of the credits can be obtained by some form of distance learning, the institution should notify the Commission of this development and submit a prospectus for approval.” (http://www.sacscoc.org/SubstantiveChangeFAQs.asp) 2/13/2012
    If the course will require a prospectus the process must be STOPPED at this point and the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (Dr. Tori Knight) must be consulted to develop the written prospectus.
    b.  Is the subject matter for this course appropriate for online learning?
    c.  By offering this course online, how will the department offerings, staffing, and long term goals be impacted?
  3. If no prospective needs writing and submitting: the Program Director/Department Chair forwards a copy of the application to the Online Director for the purposes of online course tracking and to arrange any needed professional development for faculty.

New Online or Blended Course
(Never taught face-to-face)

  1. Any new credit bearing course, never taught in a face-to-face or online setting will follow the guidelines as posted in the C-N Faculty Handbook which may include submission and approval of the Academic Programs and Standards Committee.
  2. Any new non-credit bearing online course, never taught in a face-to-face or online setting will go through the same new online course approval process as if it had previously been offered.
  3. Any course designed for online delivery must fit the online learning format and should have a defensible rationale for using such materials, and must maintain the integrity and quality as anticipated from a face-to-face offering.

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