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Checklist for New Online Students

1. Register for Classes

After completing your admissions and financial aid processes you will need to register for your classes.  You will work with your advisor to decide which courses fit into your academic, career, and personal goals.  For the first term you are with Carson-Newman your advisor will actually be the one to register you for classes.  After that you will be registering online.

Here are two videos (requires  that will assist you in the registration process:

Check to see if you are eligible to register online.

Learn how to register online.

2. Get Your Computer Ready for Classes

To be an online student, your computer and software needs to meet the minimum requirements. 

  • High-speed Internet connection.
  • Firefox Internet Browser
  • Microsoft Office or Office compatible software.
  • Other hardware and software as required by the specific course and instructor.

See this link: Computer Hardware and Software Requirements for more information.

3. Check Your Carson-Newman Email Daily One Week Before Courses Begin

Carson-Newman Exchange (Outlook) email is an official form of communication for the University and should be checked daily throughout the academic year. You will receive important registration, financial assistance and academic information through this account.

Your class instructor will contact you through this email before classes begin.  You will be told:

  • When the online class is open
  • What textbook, software, and other required materials you will need to successfully complete the course.
  • Course assignments and assessment deadlines
  • Other important information to know before the course begins.

See here for more information about accessing your C-N Email.

4. Order Your Textbook and Other Required Materials

You can purchase your textbooks online through the Carson-Newman Bookstore:   

5. Log In To C-N Online

C-N Online LMS is powered by Edvance 360 LMS-SN©, a web-based program that provides not only the learning management system, but also a secure social network. All online courses use this system.  Unless the instructor opens the course earlier, your online class will not be available until the first day of the term.

You can log in to the system and select the Help tab to read the student guides and watch the video tutorials for using C-N Online/Edvance360.  For help with how to log in access the Information Technology C-N Online Guide page here.

6. Read the Syllabus and Mark Your Calendar

The instructor will have many directions for you listed on the course syllabus.  You will be responsible for knowing the syllabus information.  This will include how and when to contact your instructor, how to calculate your grades, and many Carson-Newman and course policies. 

The syllabus or accompanying course calendar will give you your itinerary for successfully completing all of the course components.  Although online courses give you flexibility you will be responsible for completing work on-time.  The most successful online student uses the flexibility to complete the assignments well before the deadlines.

7.  Connect with Your Instructor and Fellow Course Mates

Use the discussion forums, email, and blogs on C-N Online to build your online support system in and outside of your online course.   "Meet" a fellow course mate to discuss a course reading or video.  Students discover this helps in their understanding and interpretation of the instructor's directions and the course materials.

After logging on to C-N Online, find a community which shares your same interests.  There is a special community specifically for students taking online courses.  Share your experiences to help fellow students or ask questions about Carson-Newman which will help you with your own online experience.

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