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  • Wireless

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide/student-accounts-and-log-in-information/on-campus-network-access/wireless Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // Wireless computing is available everywhere on campus.  Only employees and current students have access...

  • Responsible Use & Copyright

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide/student-information-technology-policies-and-statements/responsible-use-copyright Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // Authentication and Authorization Account Security Each user is assigned their own username and...

  • About Information Technology Services (ITS)

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/about-information-technology-services-its Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // Information Technology Services Mission Embrace the mission of Carson-Newman by providing the University...

  • Gaming Device Setup Instructions

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/gaming-device-setup-instructions PlayStation 4 Wireless Setup In the main menu, select Settings. In Settings, scroll down to and select Network. From Network, choose Set Up Internet Connection -> Select "Use...

  • Student Technology Guide

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // 1. Accounts and Log In Information 2. Policies and Statements for Students 3. Purchases for Students 4. Safety...


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