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  • Student Accounts and Log In Information

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide/student-accounts-and-log-in-information Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // C-N Network Account User Name The user name is automatically set to your first initial, middle initial and...

  • Guest Access Accounts

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide/student-accounts-and-log-in-information/guest-access-accounts Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // Use of the computing facilities at Carson-Newman University is a privilege available to faculty or staff...

  • Student Accounts

    administration/student-accounts The Treasurer's Office is charged with the responsibility of accurately posting charges and payments to student accounts, as well as regular account notification and the...

  • Accounts

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/faculty-staff-technology-guide/accounts Follow @CarsonNewmanIT //   C-N Connect (Advising, Course Rosters, and Course Schedules) C-N Online/Edvance360 Email for...

  • Guest Accounts

    undergraduate/resources/information-technology-services/student-technology-guide/student-information-technology-policies-and-statements/email-policies-students/guest-accounts Follow @CarsonNewmanIT // Guest accounts are available for on-campus network access only.  No email guest accounts will be created....


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