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Theology Seminars

Core (24 hours)

  • REL 509: The Old Testament Foundations for Christian Life and Service - Examines the Old Testament texts to gain authentic understandings of justice, love, and humility before God; and, explores the implications of adopting Old Testament motifs that are representative of a life of faith before God.
  • REL 510: The New Testament Foundations for Christian Life and Service - Examines the New Testament texts to gain authentic understandings of what New Life in Christ entails. Explore the implications of adopting New Testament patterns for being transforming agents of life and service in the world.
  • REL 511: Themes in Biblical Theology - Explores themes in biblical theology that address the life struggles of our day; it compares the continuity or discontinuity between the testaments; and it extrapolates the questions of creation and stewardship, violence, poverty, justice, wisdom, righteousness, salvation, kingdom of God, and eschatology.
  • REL 515: Ethical Issues in the Twenty-First Century - Defines and articulates a theological response to the ethical challenges in day to day living; and describe a moral vision for life at home, play, and in the public square.
  • REL 520: Foundations in Spirituality and Worship - Creates an understanding of the interior and exterior journey of the authentic Christ follower; reflects and embraces the variant spiritual disciplines; students participate in a retreat at a spiritual center.
  • REL 530: The Ideas and Kairos Moments of Church History through the Ages(annual Oxford University trip) - Recognizes the evolution of Christian thought and seminal events through Church History; and synthesizes the key ideas and theologians that shaped Church History.
  • REL 540: The Art of Leadership - Examines the principles and models of effective leadership under the steeple and in the marketplace; and incarnates a dynamic-servant model of leadership.
  • REL 543: Love, Grief, and Anger- Develops understanding of these emotional phenomena across the seasons of life and develops counseling skills and models that address these innate emotions therapeutically.

Elective Seminars (12 hours)

  • REL 505: The Social and Historical World of the Ancient Near East - Describes the socio-political world and anthropological framework of the ancient Near East; and traces the social, geographical, and historical matrix from the patriarchs through the post- exile.
  • REL 506: The World of Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament - Delineates the religious, political, and intellectual currents that shaped the New Testament milieu; and examines the literature, institutions, sects, tenets, and key political dynasties during the Intertestamental Period.
  • REL 521: The Voices of the Twentieth-Century Prophets- Analyzes the contributions of a select group of prophets from the continents of the world: Dorothy Day and Simone Weil, Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Martin Luther King, and Oscar Romero to Desmond Tutu; and students read and distill the core thinking and life stories that shaped these provocateurs.
  • REL 525: Ten Theologians that Speak From the Grave - Introduces the life and thought of theologians that shaped the face of Christianity; and develops an understanding of the contribution of seminal theologians that moved the pillars of thinking in their day.
  • REL 531: The Art of Communication - Develops a skill set for public speaking and the preaching event; and enhance the ability to communicate and meet the public-speaking demands of any vocation.
  • REL 542: In Search of Yourself - explores the journey of self-identity and personhood, and develop a greater self-awareness through reflection and definition of spiritual autobiography.
  • REL 560: Secular and Spiritual Trends in the Post-Christendom City - Identifies the Christian response to the difficult questions posed by our world; and explores the postmodern, world religion, and philosophical challenges to the Christian faith.
  • Elective Thesis (12 hours)
  • REL 600: Research and Writing the Thesis(3 hours) - Provides the necessary tools and skills to research and write a thesis; and gives exposure to the library resources and different methodologies involved in writing a thesis.
  • REL 630: A Readings Course in the area of the thesis (3 hours) -Provide both a foundation and a diversity of perspectives necessary for writing a thesis in a particular subject.
  • REL 655: Thesis(6 hours) – Students collaborate with a faculty member in the planning and writing of a research project in a field of theological interest.

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