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The William Blevins Institute for Spirituality and Mental Health is committed to improving the spiritual and mental health of all individuals, families, groups, and professionals that we serve. This commitment assumes the holistic nature of persons and focuses upon the spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and behavioral dimensions of personhood. We seek to foster the integration of spirituality and mental health through seminars, workshops, and training programs. All aspects of our mission are designed to provide a nurturing environment for education and research relevant to mental health, healing, and spirituality. All programs are designed for credentialed professionals, including licensed mental health professionals, those in allied professions, as well as non-professionals.

A particular focus of the Institute is to increase awareness of the role that spirituality plays in healing, in coping with life challenges, and in the maintenance of optimal holistic health. We define spirituality as that dimension of a person that seeks to find meaning in his or her life, including the quality that supports connection to and relationship with the sacred, as well as with others, and with one's faith community.


The main goals of the Institute are to:

  • Examine research on the relationships between religion, spirituality, and mental health
  • Interpret the research for clinical and personal applications
  • Provide online certificate programs regarding spirituality and mental health
  • Offer continuing educational seminars (CEU's) for mental health professionals
  • Conduct ongoing seminars for personal growth and development
  • Promote knowledge on the benefits of spirituality to mental health

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