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Devotional: Another Perspective - Dr. Calvin Metcalf

Another Perspective
Dr. Calvin Metcalf


It is a wonderful thing to be alive, to be able to breathe, to see, to smell, and to touch.  These thing which we take for granted are vital to our health and well-being.  God in His creative grace has chosen to share a bit of His existence with us and we call it life.  He has given the energy of existence to all living things and we are blessed by it.  The sights and sounds of life explode before us and we are often unaware of their presence.  The laughter of children, the buzz of bees, chirping birds, trees, flowers, friendship and worship are just some of the things that give us a sense of awe and celebration to being alive.  Sometimes the crises of life pungently bring to our attention those simple aspects of our daily routine which have a marvelous capacity for our nurture.

Often in our search for the profound we miss the profundity of the simple.  In our haste to show up at the important events of life we miss a thousand opportunities to allow little things to prepare us for big things.   In our search for the significant we miss some of life's most pertinent pictures.  Life has its own candid camera as well as its serious productions.  It is a video victory when we have eyes to see and can really see.  It is an audio miracle to have ears to hear and really hear.

Being alive is an event worth celebrating.  The more we call attention to our aliveness the more grateful we are for being a part of God's existence.  Every day we receive multiple blessings for being alive.  Let us count them.  



Dr. Calvin S. Metcalf, is an alumnus and long-time trustee of Carson-Newman University. Throughout his career, including international preaching missions and authoring several books, he has served as
an influential pastor and community leader. In retirement he has continued to serve as interim pastor for several churches. The Institute is pleased that will be sharing his uplifting, insightful, and creative devotions with us every two weeks.


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