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The William Blevins Institute for Spirituality and Mental Health

The William Blevins Institute for Spirituality and Mental Health is dedicated to exploring the relationship between spirituality and mental health. The Institute serves healthcare professionals, teachers, students, organizations, and all interested persons by providing education, information, research, training, and services to improve holistic health in our area. In addition, the Institute supports and encourages dialogue between clinicians, clergy, and all others interested in the connection between spirituality, religion, and mental health as these promote individual growth and well-being.

All of our programs are based upon the conviction that spirituality is an integral dimension of our mental health and quality of life. Each program focuses upon particular spirituality skills that enhance an understanding of people’s problems, facilitate recovery and coping, and enable persons to become more resilient in handling life’s difficulties. The Continuing Education (CEU) programs are designed to meet the education and training needs of mental health professionals, as well as others in allied health, service, and education fields.

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