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Professional School Counselor Praxis Test Results

Most states licensure guidelines for school counselors require a passing score on a national standardized exam, the Praxis for Professional School Counselors. The Praxis measures knowledge, skills and abilities deemed necessary for competent professional practice. C-N students are expected to sit for the Praxis Professional School Counselor test during the last semester of their program of study and to earn a passing score of 156, which is the required score for Tennessee licensure.

GSC faculty analyzed three years of Praxis test scores of Carson-Newman GSC students. The results are described in the following:

  • 100% of C-N students in school counseling earned a passing score on the Praxis in their first attempt, well above the required 156.
  • An analysis of Praxis scores of GSC students by year found the following average scores:
    • 176 Praxis average in 2012.
    • 175 Praxis average in 2013.
    • 173 Praxis average in 2014.
  • The average score of C-N GSC students in school counseling is above the national median Praxis score of 172

IMPLICATIONS: GSC School Counseling program prepares school counselors with the competencies necessary for the practice of school counseling as measured by a national examination.

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