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Survey of GSC Program Graduates
May 2014 Summary Results

May 2014, we conducted a survey of C-N Graduate Studies in Counseling alumni who graduated within the past five years, i.e., 2009-2013. Summary of survey results, found the following:

  • Over fifty percent (22/43) of PSC graduates surveyed completed the survey evaluation that was distributed via email
  • Over forty-four percent (15/34) of MHC graduates surveyed completed a program evaluation survey
  • One hundred percent (100%) of school counseling graduates hold state licensure as a professional school counselor
  • One hundred percent (100%) of mental health alumni responding hold (or are earning) professional licensure as LMFT, LPC, LPC-MHSP, or NCC. Many hold multiple credentials
  • One hundred percent (100%) of both PSC and MHC graduates are employed in public schools (57%), private schools (3%), community agencies (26%), or private practice settings (14%)
  • Over ninety-seven percent (35/36) of program graduates indicated they were satisfied with their overall educational experience in GSC program
  • Over ninety-seven percent (35/36) of program graduates report having a satisfying mentorship with a professor in the GSC program
  • In comments, MHC alumni suggested the following: insight into the post graduate licensure process, more internship experiences, writing assessments, and designing treatment plans. PSC alumni suggested the following: more training on 504 plans and college application process.

The following table provides further analysis of GSC graduate satisfaction with their counselor education at Carson-Newman University

  1 2 3 4 5 N/A Total Avg
Overall, faculty members were interested in the professional development of counseling graduate students 0% 0% 2% 11% 86% 0% 36 4.83
I would recommend the CN Graduate Studies in Counseling program to prospective students 0% 0% 0% 14% 76% 0% 36 4.86
I am satisfied with the quality of academic advising and feedback I received 0% 0% 0% 19% 81% 0% 36 4.64
I had opportunities to participate in counseling faculty member's research and presentations 0% 0% 5.5% 14% 75% 5.5% 36 4.74
I felt supported and had at least one mentoring relationship with a counseling faculty member 0% 0% 0% 14% 83% 3% 36 4.72

Rating scale: 1=very unsatisfied; 2=unsatisfied; 3=neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; 4=satisfied; 5=very satisfied

IMPLICATIONS: For mental health counseling students, GSC faculty should explore ways to increase clinical field experience, designing treatment plans, and conversations about the licensure process. For school counseling students, GSC faculty should increase learning opportunities about 504 Accommodations and the college application process.

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