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Evaluation of Student Interns

Evaluation of Student Interns by Site Supervisors

PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING: During fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters, the Professional School Counseling program placed eight interns in twelve sites. School districts where PSC interns had field experiences include: Anderson County, Blount County, Bradley County, Grainger County, Hawkins County, Jefferson County, Knox County, and Maryville City. Site Supervisor evaluations of our student interns present the following points:

  • Average ratings range from 4.5 to 5.0 on a scale of 1=Unsatisfactory to 5=Excellent.
  • The highest ranked items include the ability to develop counseling relationships with students, counsel in groups, and use of technology.
  • The lowest ranked items included the ability to plan effectively and attend staff meetings.

CLINICAL MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING: During fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters, the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program placed 15 interns in 13 sites. Mental health counseling sites include: Helen Ross McNabb Center, Bethany Adoption Agency, Health Connect America, Carson-Newman Student Counseling Center, Youth Villages, Tennessee Department of Probation, Faith Promise Church, Cokesbury Counseling Center, and various private practice settings.

Site Supervisors offered the following comments about our student interns on their evaluations:  "Good knowledge of A&D field"; "strong communication skills and professionalism"; "professional and highly motivated"; and, "good ability to build rapport with clients."

IMPLICATIONS: The internship experience in professional school counseling provides opportunities for candidates to practice their skills in a real setting and to gain confidence in building comprehensive developmental school counseling programs. During internship, clinical mental health counseling candidates demonstrate ability to connect with clients and colleagues in a professional manner and to integrate knowledge and skills acquired at Carson-Newman.

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