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Employer/Supervisor Survey of GSC Graduates

May 2014 Summary Results

In May 2014, GSC faculty designed separate surveys for PSC supervisors and MHC employers to collect evaluation data relevant to each program. GSC program graduates were asked to provide contact information for their employers and/or supervisors. Based on this request, twenty-three (23) email addresses were received. Some PSC graduates have the same school adminstrators; which explains the number of principal contacts. Some MHC graduates are self-employed and did not need to send employer contact information.

Twenty-three Employer/Supervisor Surveys were emailed; thirty-five percent (8/23) were returned. Two of six MHC employers returned surveys; six of seventeen PSC supervisors returned surveys. Combined survey results are presented below:

  • Eighty-eight percent (7/8) respondents report satisfied with the overall knowledge and skills of the C-N graduates.
  • Eighty-eight percent (7/8) employers/supervisors report satisfaction with the understanding the GSC graduate has of the developmental needs of client/student.
  • Eight-eight percent (7/8) indicate satisfaction with the counseling skills of GSC graduates.
  • Seven out of eight (87%) of employers report satisfaction with the collaboration skills of GSC graduates.
  • Eighty-six percent (6/7) of employers convey their satisfaction with the level of professional development and advanced training pursued by GSC graduates.
  • In comments, MHC employers suggested that more clinical experience would better prepare counselors.

IMPLICATIONS: GSC faculty should examine ways to increase the clinical experience for mental health counselors-in-training.

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