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2013-14 Course Evaluations Summary Results

Graduate Studies in Counseling (GSC) faculty conduct a systematic evaluation of course instruction as part of its ongoing accountability and assessment system for SACS and NCATE accreditations. Each semester students complete course evaluations online; the evaluation survey uses a five point Likert scale 1 (low) to 5 (high) to rate various aspects of course instruction and content. Results are compiled anonymously and provided to faculty by CNU. A summary of GSC courses for 2013-14 are presented below:

  • Content of GSC courses were rated as appropriate for graduate work (4.9).
  • Instructional strategies were creative (4.7).
  • Feedback from instructors was considered prompt and specific (4.9).
  • Students rated GSC courses as engaging and interesting (4.7).
  • Student involvement was rated high in class instruction and learning (5.0).
  • Objectives of GSC courses were clear (5.0).
  • Instruction in GSC courses offered adequate explanations, resources and incentives, for students to master course content (4.9).
  • GSC instructors show respect for students (4.9).

IMPLICATIONS: GSC faculty receive high ratings from their students for their teaching and mentoring. However, the GSC faculty continue to seek improvements.  We researched professional literature for best instructional practice in counselor education to continue to improve our teaching effectiveness. We found evidence that more experiential learning could be occurring in our classes. Recent research in neuroscience of learning indicates that counselor educators should be more "facilitators of learning", which according to Hall & Hall (2014) means introducing difficult topics with stories from their practical experiences and engaging students with more experimental learning activities.  GSC will use more of their practical experiences to enhance their scholarly instruction. 

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