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Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Exams
2013-14 Results

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master's Degree in Counseling, students are required to earn a passing score on the GSC Program Comprehensive Examination. The Comp Exam is administered during the last semester of training. Student performance is evaluated using a rubric, which consists of five criteria: theoretical understanding, evidence-based application, resourcefulness of methods, awareness of diversity issues and clear writing style. Each year GSC faculty analyze results of Comp Exams to identify program strengths and areas for improvement. The 2013-14 results indicate the following:

  • Students display more than adequate theoretical understanding.
  • Students indicate appropriate level of evidence-based interventions.
  • Student reveal sufficient resourcefulness in counseling methods.
  • Students exhibit good professional writing style.
  • Students show a need for more awareness of diversity issues.

IMPLICATIONS: Faculty should explore ways to increase diversity understanding in the training program. A new course will be introduced to address this finding.


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