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Ed.S. with Mental Health Counseling Concentration


The Ed.S. degree requires a minimum of 36 hours of graduate study beyond the master’s degree including the 12 hours of core courses. All Plans of Study are designed in collaboration with the candidate, program director, and the advisor to meet the career goals of the candidate.

Core Ed.S. Collaboration and Leadership in Counseling Requirements, 12 hours
COUN 712, Advanced Collaboration and Leadership in Counseling, 3 hours
COUN 714, Advanced Intentional Interviewing and Counseling Skills, 3 hours
COUN 722, Advanced Legal, Ethical, Sociocultural, and Spiritual Issues in Counseling, 3 hours
COUN 730, Research in Effective Counseling and Collaborative Approaches, 3 hours

Mental Health Concentration, Minimum 24 hours
COUN 567 Career Development and Counseling, 3 hours
COUN 569 Introduction to Family systems in Counseling, 3 hours
COUN 580 Crisis Interventions in Counseling with Individuals and Families, 3 hours
COUN 586 Study of Abnormal Behavior, DSM, and Psychopathology, 3 hours
COUN 587 Assessment and Treatment Planning, 3 hours
COUN 611 Counseling and Development of Children and Adolescents, 3 hours
COUN 614 Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling with Individuals and Families, 3 hours
COUN 638 Play Therapy across the Lifespan, 3 hours
COUN 640 Marriage and Family Therapy in Mental Health, 3 hours
COUN 650 Neuroscience and Counseling Interventions with Individuals and Families, 3 hours
COUN 653 Spirituality, Family Systems, and Holistic Mental Health, 3 hours
COUN 668 Mental Health Counseling Internship, 3 hours
COUN 710 Psychopathology, 3 hours
COUN 715 Addictions Counseling, 3 hours
COUN 717 Family Violence: Intervention and Treatment, 3 hours
COUN 718 Counseling Military Children and Their Families, 3 hours
COUN 750 Mental Health Counseling in Trauma and Crises, 3 hours
COUN 755 Advanced Contemporary Theories and Techniques for Counseling Children and Adolescents, 3 hours

If candidates in Mental Health Counseling wish to complete other MSC courses that are not listed above, they should consult with their respective advisor to incorporate those courses into their Plan of Study.

For more information, contact Dr. Carolyn Brewer, Program Director of Graduate Studies in Counseling, at or 865-471-2087.

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