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The Master of Education program seeks to prepare licensed teachers to take on leadership roles in PreK-12 schools. Candidates will select from programs of study that will prepare them to become pedagogical experts and leaders in their positions as teachers. Currently practicing teachers can choose elective hours to customize their programs to meet their professional goals, which may include becoming a curriculum developer, curriculum supervisor, instructional coach or mentor to other teachers. For example one emphasis area is Teaching English as a Second Language/International Emphasis.

Curriculum and Instruction 36 hours

I. Required Core, 15 hours

  • EDUC 538, Foundations of Leadership
  • EDUC 561, Effective Home, School, Community Relations
  • EDUC 571, Change Theory and Practice
  • EDUC 572, Evaluation for Continuous Improvement
    -or-  EDUC 531, Evaluation of Learning
  • EDUC 630, Educational Research

II. Electives, 15 hours

Candidates are encouraged to select an area of focus in the 15 hours of electives.

III. Thesis Option, 6 hours

  • EDUC 631, Research in the Content Field, 3 hours
  • EDUC 660, Thesis, 3 hours

    Non-Thesis Option, 6 hours

  • EDUC 600, Integrating Research and Learning, 3 hours
  • EDUC Electives, 3 hours

In place of the electives specified in Part II of the MEd requirements, students wishing to complete the international emphasis should complete:

  • TESL 564, Advanced Writing and Research Skills II, 3 hours
  • TESL 565, Language and Culture, 3 hours
  • TESL 584, Practicum in ESL, 3 hours

The remaining 6 hours of electives should be chosen from the following courses:

  • EDUC 523, Issues in Multicultural Education, 3 hours
  • TESL 568, Language Acquisition, 3 hours
  • TESL 581, ESL Materials and Methods I: Speaking and Listening, 3 hours
  • TESL 582, ESL Materials and Methods II: Reading and Writing, 3 hours

The focus of the student’s thesis or scholarly paper should be centered on a topic related to cultural and/or linguistic diversity in schools. The thesis option must be approved by the student’s advisor and Chair of Graduate Studies in Education.

Graduate and Adult Studies
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