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The coaching education courses are designed to provide a formal program of education for those individuals who are interested in becoming successful coaches or who are currently coaching and want additional education.  The coaching education courses will fit into the elective category of the existing MEd programs and are appropriate for currently licensed teachers who are renewing their licensure and for individuals who are looking to further their coaching knowledge

I.     Required Core, 15 hours

        EDUC 538, Foundations of Leadership, 3 hours
        EDUC 561, Effective Home, School, Community Relations, 3 hours
        EDUC 571, Change Theory and Practice, 3 hours
        EDUC 572, Evaluation for Continuous Improvement, 3 hours
               or EDUC 531, Evaluation of Learning, 3 hours
        EDUC 630, Educational Research, 3 hours

 II.    Coaching Emphasis, 15 hours

        PE 501, Philosophy and Ethics in Sport, 3 hours
        PE 502, Physical Conditioning of the Athlete, 3 hours
        PE 503, Injury Management, 3 hours
        PE 504, Sport as Ministry, 3 hours
        PE 505, Psychology of Sport Performance, 3 hours

 III.   Thesis Option, 6 hours

        EDUC 631, Research in the Content Field, 3 hours
        EDUC 660, Thesis, 3 hours
        Non-Thesis Option, 6 hours

        EDUC 600, Integrating Research and Learning, 3 hours
        Electives, 3 hours

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