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MAT: Middle Grades

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree candidates, in addition to meeting the MAT degree requirements, must also meet licensure requirements of the state in which they are planning to teach. The Teacher Education Office will offer information concerning licensure requirements in Tennessee. Those seeking to be licensed in other states are responsible for making sure they are meeting their respective state’s requirements. The Teacher Education Office has the addresses and telephone numbers of all state licensure offices in the United States.

Middle Grades (4-8) 57 hours

I. Pre-Student Teaching: 45 hours

SPED 508 Survey of Persons with Exceptionalities, 3 hours*
EDUC 524 Techniques for Inclusion of Diverse Learners, 3 hours*
(SPED 508 is prerequisite for EDUC 524)
EDUC 531 Evaluation of Learning, 3 hours
EDUC 533 Educational Technology, 3 hours
EDUC 536 Using Books with Children and Adolescents, 3 hours
EDUC 537 Topics in the Content Field, 3 hours
EDUC 558 Foundations of Education, 3 hours*
EDUC 560 Classroom Management, 3 hours
EDUC 561 Effective Home, School, Community Relations, 3 hours
EDUC 602 Children in the Middle Grades, 3 hours*
EDUC 615 Middle Grades Mathematics Methods, 3 hours*
EDUC 616 Middle Grades Science Methods, 3 hours*
EDUC 617 Middle Grades Literacy Methods, 3 hours*
EDUC 618 Middle Grades Social Studies Methods, 3 hours*
EDUC 630 Educaional Research, 3 hours

II. Student Teaching Semester, 9 hours

EDUC 667 Student Teaching: Placement One, 4 hours
EDUC 668 Student Teaching: Placement Two, 4 hours
EDUC 669 Seminar in Student Teaching, 1 hour

III. Research, 3 hours

Thesis Option: EDUC 660, Thesis, 3 hours
NOTE: EDUC 631, Research in the Content Field, is a prerequisite to EDUC 660,
which will add three hours to the overall number hours required for the
MAT degree.
Non-Thesis Option: EDUC 600, Integrating Research and Learning, 3 hours



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